Cameroon: Calls to free Rebecca Enongchong Intensify

By Boris Esono Nwenfor

The detention of Enonchong only does more damage to to the already fragile international image of Cameroon

Popular Cameroonian technology entrepreneur Rebecca Enongchong popularly known as africatechie on Twitter has since Tuesday, August 10 been held at the Legion de Gendarmerie in Cameroon’s economic capital of Douala.

According to reports, the recipient of various awards for her work in promoting technology in Africa is currently being transferred before the state counsel of the Court of First Instance in Bonanjo, Douala.

The reasons for her arrest are still to be made known.

It is not the first time that journalists and other human rights activists have been arbitrarily arrested in one or the other in connection to being vocal about issues that are going wrong in the country.

Opposition politician Kah Walla tweeted: “Since yesterday @africatechie is being held at the Legion de Gendarmerie in Douala. All we know is there is a “plainte verbal du procureur General”. No summons, no warrant. Called to Gendarmeries then held until now. Illegality and injustice in Cameroon knows no limit.” She added with the hashtag free Rebecca.

“Africatecchie is a role model for tech entrepreneurship and a source of inspiration for girls ,women, and youth engagement across Africa.She is honored and respected in the Global space, why would she spend a night in a Gendarme Cell in Cameroon,?” questions Dr Chris Fomunyoh ,Senior Associate and Regional Director for Central and West Africa at the National Democratic Institute in a tweet?

“Enough is enough, we call for the immediate and unconditional release of Rebecca Enonchong,” says Maxi Ngo Mbe,a leading human rights figure and 2021 recipient of the U.S State Department Woman of Courage Award.

“Rebecca Enonchong is among the continent’s brightest minds and sharpest voices across a range of issues. That she’s been singled out by Cameroonian authorities explains all one needs to know about the dire situation there,” writes Vanguard Africa

“While it may be prudent to comment on an issue without getting all the full facts and circumstances, I call for the release of this dynamic lady whose global achievements should make Cameroon proud, ” says Serge Espoir Matoumba a political leader and candidate in the 2018 Presidential elections.

“We have seen Rebecca at the Gendarmeries. She is in good health and in excellent spirit. Keep retweeting FreeRebecca. Make as much noise as possible. She is being held with no written complaint.”

“Enough is Enough, we call for the immediate and unconditional release of Rebecca Enonchong,” writes Maxi Ngo Mbe , a human rights leader and a 2021 recipient of the U.S State Department International Women in Courage Award

Simply insane that the Cameroon government has detained the one and only Rebecca Enongchong without any charges or an arrest warrant,” Dr Denis Foretia, Executive Chairman of the Nkafu Policy Institute and co-Founder of the Denis and Lenora Foretia Foundation tweeted.

“She should be released immediately. This lawlessness must stop.”

The “arrest” of Rebecca Enongchong has been discussed on the social media space for some time now with many calling on the government to stop the arbitrary arrest of people who speak things that do not favour the regime in power.

One message read: “When one starts speaking truth to power, those in power start seeing it as a menace to national integration. A system where there is a total disregard of people’s opinions if those opinions are not sanctioned from above. I hope the rule of law prevails in this case.”

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