“Even Superheroes need plasters too”

You may see a band-aid, but we see identity, resilience, fearlessness, faith, commitment, determination and belonging.

These latex-free, waterproof and breathable band-aids were born during the pandemic with our little girls and today we see this vision come to life. It took 9 month of research, product development and product testing, some sleepless nights and tears. This was all because, they are not just band-aids, but a purpose and a sense of identity. Having children in the diaspora comes with both advantages and disadvantages, the biggest drawback is the detachment of the children of their motherland. Hero-Plaster is a gift to our little humans.

Hero-Plasters we aim to build strong and resilient humans, while keeping their identity and heritage alive. The names of our Superhero characters are Sahara and Kalihari. These are the biggest deserts in Africa, representing the bigger than life aim we have with these band-aids. Sahara and Kalihari are endowed with leopard power (leopard butterfly wings and leopard speed and strength), leopards are indigenous to Africa. They also have African painting on their faces, to further echo their identity.

Hero-Plasters is a social corporate citizen, through this product we will be giving back to the African community to the endangered wildlife and tribes of Africa.

 Our kids identify with the band-aids and our adopted community learn a great deal through them. It is down to us to educate people of our identity and who we are, for it lives within us. We felt this cause was too big not to share with the world. Join Sahara and Kalihari on their adventures.

Company information

AN&FR Limited is a UK registered company that holds the Hero-Plasters brand, its sole purpose is the productions and marketing of Hero-Plasters. It is run by two women who are both mothers. The day to day running is performed by Yvonne Nkata-Woods who is also a director in the company. AN& FR Limited has presence in the UK, USA, Ghana and Malawi.

Media contact

Author: Yvonne Nkata-Woods (AN&FR Ltd – Creative Director)


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