Sierra Leone: NaCOVERC Renews Calls For Mask Mandate As COVID 19 Sees Fresh Hike

By Ishmael Sallieu Koroma

Lawyer Solomon Jamiru

The official spokesperson of the National Covid Response Centre (NaCOVERC) in Sierra Leone Lawyer Solomon Jamiru has urged citizens to wear face mask and to adhere to all Covid- 19 protocols as the West African nation grapples with the third wave of the global pandemic in its territory.

Sierra Leone has recently seen a spike in the cases of the deadly virus reporting over 400 confirmed cases prompting the government to re- introduce a nationwide curfew and a restricted movement in and around the country and the closing religious places for a month among other new measures introduced lately.

“Please use face mask that will be able to cover your mouth, nose, and chin all the time. Let us maintain social distance and let’s wash our hands all the time with soap and water. If you have your alcohol based hand sanitizers use it. How we defeated the first wave and the second wave that is how as a nation we will defeat this third wave we are experiencing, ‘‘he said.

He added that the third wave is causing much death, seen a rise in people been hospitalized, saw a rise of the corona virus cases in the country thus advising everyone to be ever vigilant and to follow all directives to stop the spread of the virus.

‘’Due to the way and manner Covid -19 cases are rising in Sierra Leone NaCOVERC and the Ministry for Health and Sanitation is calling on all Sierra Leonean men and women that is over 30 years to go out there and take their Corona Virus vaccine . In western area , we have corona Markelete centers at Lumley Government Hospital , Kingharman Road Government Hospital , Macaulay street government hospital , Rokupa government hospital , Connaught hospital and the PCMH respectively ,’’ Lawyer Jamiru added .

Lawyer Jamiru went on to say that there are other centers in the western area within the Freetown municipality that the government has established in order to enable citizens across the country that are at the age 30 and above to get vaccinated and to be safe.

The NaCOVERC boss urged citizens to go out in their hundreds to take the preventive measures, take their vaccines shot as the nation is experiencing a third wave adding that with the confirmation of the Indian Delta Variant recently in the country as it is very important for people to be more vigilant and to be extra cautious as they go about their normal business.

“The vaccine is safe. They have been certified by the World Health Organization, and even by our own Pharmacy Board of Sierra Leone. As a government we would like to encourage everyone to take their vaccine shot to protect yourself from the deadly virus,’’ the NaCOVERC spokesman lamented.

The World Health Organisation has warned countries around the world not to be quick and hasty in easing restrictions claiming that the virus is still around the world in many countries thus urging nations to be mindful of their actions in easing covid 19 restrictions.

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