Sierra Leone : Kei Kamara on $10,000 Bonus

By Lamrana Barrie

Players should have what they deserve,says Leone star Kei Kamara

On Saturday 17th July 2021, Leone Stars player Kei Kamara spoke about the $10,000 the president gave them for qualifying to Afcon 2022.

Kamara acknowledge that he has receive the $10,000 live on Facebook today, He said the Money was supposed to be shared among all the players that are on the campaign of the qualification, He also said even those that trained with the team but did not make it to the Final list should have a share.

“Me, Umaru and Keister discussed this on a meeting and agreed that everyone should have a share, about 57 players in total”, said.

He Further says that they discuss this with Thomas Daddy Brima about that he told them that they are the players if they decide to do that no problem.

Kei Kamara also spoke about the list that came out with 57 players he said the list is not a fake list of players and SLFA sat down together to give that list.

Kamara expressed concern that some of the officials who have already have the plots of land should not have the $10,000. He said they are being paid and should not have same match bonus like them.

He concluded by saying he stands for the players and they should have what they deserve.

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