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Malawi’s former leader facing probe by the Anti Corruption Bureau .

July 19, 2021

By Joseph Dumbula

Former President Mutharika has denied any wrong doing and thinks the present administration of using the witch hunt against him to mask its gapping short comings.Photo courtesy

Malawi’s Anti Corruption Bureau will from tomorrow start interviewing former President Peter Mutharika over how his taxpayer identification number (TPIN) was used by other individuals while he was in office.

There have been reports that his TPIN was used to import 800 000 bags of cement worth K5 billion from Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Among other things, Mutharika’s personal bodyguard Norman Chisale and State Residences chief of staff Peter Mukhito.

They are answering various charges including money laundering, abuse of office, falsifying documents with intent to deceive, smuggling, aiding and abetting smuggling.

A statement from the ACB has however insisted that the interview is a normal process that people should not draw out of proportion.

Previously, Mutharika has been denying any wrong doing and has publicly said his regime was not corrupt.

At a recent press briefing, Mutharika blamed the current administration over rising cost of living and a series of corrupt acts reported including the alleged mismanagement of Covid19 funds.

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