Malawi: Chakwera justifies job creation strategy.

By Joseph Dumbula

Malawians are waiting on President Chakwera to fulfil electoral promises

President Lazarus Chakwera has rallied behind his 1 million job creation ideology, despite a backlash that the campaign promise is not making worthwhile strides.

Before assuming the office of the President, Chakwera and nine other leaders of other political parties came to full popularity at the back of a promise to create more jobs for the youths, who form the country’s largest population.

But a year down the line, government through the ministry of labour has previously said a policy to regulate the initiative is only being developed.

Speaking to BBC Hard Talk, Chakwera insists young more and others have been employed through the Affordable Input Program,- an agricultural subsidy program.

He said his belief is that there is need to empower people so that jobs are created.

Asked on issues of nepotism, against a report that he had appointed his daughter to diplomatic works in Brussels, Chakwera was quick to dismiss the reports.

This contradicts what state house press secretary told the media last week that the president’s daughter deserved the appointment because she is qualified.

Chakwera also defended his entourage saying each had a different role.

Meanwhile, a statement signed by Information Gospel Kazako has clarified that Sean Kampondeni, (Chakwera’s son in law) travelled because he is the assistant to the President while Violet travelled because she is the First Lady’s assistant.

There has been a massive backlash over Chakwera’s interview on BBC with others stating on social media that he underperformed while some feeling he was at his best.

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