Ghana-Denmark in Collaboration To Strengthen Maritime Governance

By Maxwell Nkansah

The National Security Co-ordinator, Major General Francis Adu Amanfoh, has said Ghana’s prospect in developing a robust and sustainable blue economy is dependent on security of her maritime domain.

Opening the National Integrated Maritime Strategy Implementation workshop in Koforidua, Major General Adu Amonfoh emphasized the need to build a blue print for maritime governance.

”Lack of proper co-ordination within the maritime space over the years had contributed to challenges that confront the Gulf of Guinea States especially Ghana,” he said.

Major General Adu Amanfoh said “the objectives of the National Implementation Maritime Strategy, (NIMS), of ensuring the safety and security of the maritime domain and develop a blue economy and protect the marine and coastal environment are critical to maritime governance

Ghana initiated steps to address challenges and harness the benefits along the 540 kilometres coastline, thereby developing the NIMS with relevant stakeholders, government agencies to secure our oceans.

The NIMS was developed through inter-agencies lead by the National Working Group under the auspices of the Security Governance Initiative office of the National Security Secretariat and support from Civil society and research organization including CEMLAWS and Centre for strategy studies, CSDS, and Gulf of Guinea.

The Global Maritime Crime Project Manager, Anais Rois urged stakeholders to help strengthen the legal framework to ensure efficiency delivery in the industry.

The workshop was funded by the Denmark government and UNODC, united nation office on drugs and crime.

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