ESwathini: Flights to South Africa affected by Unrest.

By Nevson Mpofu..

Civil Unrest in ESwathini last week forced the domestic and regional airline of South Africa and Southern Africa cancel flights operations between Johannesburg and Sikhuphe’s King Mswati 111 International airport.

ESwathini AirLink and its partner Airlink  of South Africa which ooerates as the regional airline cancelled flights from the 1st of july up to the 5th of July  the past Monday.

Joseph Dlamini General Manager of ESwathini Airlink said they had to cancel the flight in order for the safety and security of customers and staff. He said after consulting with their partner AirLink , they decided  to extend the suspension of operations on the route until Monday the 5th of july.

“”The safety and security of our customers and staff is our primary concern. After consulting with our partner AirLink we decided to extend the suspension of our operations on the route until the 5th of  July on Monday “”

. said Joseph Dlamini .

Eswathini airlink and AirLink ticketing agents had been contracting ticket holders to rebook them into flights as soon as it resumed operations on the route .AirLink has announced additional changes to its service on the route .

AirLink is an independent  , privately owned airline .It was found in 1992. It services Southern African destinations .It boasts of more than 50 modern jetliners . In 2019 it carried 2 million customers on more than 63,000 flights .Its current network includes more than 35 destinations in African countries .Its flight is regularly updated and reflects effects of covid-19 and associated travel restrictions .

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