Cape Verde: Down but not out for Alex Saab as fight for his release intensifies

By Boris Esono Nwenfor

The case against Alex Saab has divided international opinion.Photo courtesy

Diplomatic officials, human rights activists and even a former cellmate of former South Africa President Nelson Mandela have all called for the immediate release of Venezuelan diplomat Alex Nain Saab Moran, who has been “illegally” arrested in Cape Verde.

In a video put out by Pangea Risk, a spirited defence is been put up for Mr Saab who was arrested in Cape Verde I June 2020. Officials , his defence team and associates want the Cape Verde government to send him home to Venezuela and not extradited to the USA.

To his team, the arrest of Alex Saab is to intensify pressure on President Nikolas Maduro to step down and that this is how the USA uses its long arm of its law as it tries to do around the world.

Cape Verde which is experiencing the worst economic crisis in 45 years is noted for corruption with human rights abuse and police brutality rife in the country, the report says. In addition, the report says that the country is also battling with organized crime and high rate of money laundering.

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