Associate Minister of Natural Gas and Electricity of Alberta, Canada, Hon. Dale Nally Confirms Participation at African Energy Week 2021.

A speaker commitment by Hon. Dale Nally will further African Energy Week’s agenda regarding the role of natural gas in the global energy transition. 

African Energy Week (AEW) 2021 is proud to host Hon. Dale Nally, Associate Minister of Natural Gas and Electricity, Alberta, Canada, as a speaker at the four-day interactive conference and networking event on the 9th-12th of November 2021. Representing Canada at Africa’s premier energy event, Hon. Dale Nally will drive a discussion on natural gas and Africa’s energy transition and the value of gas-to-power solutions, emphasizing Africa-Canada relations and the role that Canadian service providers have to play in Africa. 

Having served as the Associate Minister of Natural Gas and Electricity in Alberta since 2019, Hon. Nally has placed natural gas and associated gas-to-power solutions as top of the agenda in Canada’s energy development. Under his leadership, the government has established a more business friendly regulatory environment for natural gas companies in Alberta, fast tracking growth across the sector. Prioritizing the global climate agenda and the utilization of cleaner sources of fuel, Hon. Nally promotes natural gas as the ideal energy solution, not only for Canada, but for the global economy. Accordingly, Hon. Nally will bring a unique set of skills and decades of experience to AEW 2021 in Cape Town, promoting the role of natural gas in facilitating a transition to cleaner fuel sources, while emphasizing the role that energy plays in accelerating socio-economic growth. 

Meanwhile, Hon. Nally is a strong advocate for gas-to-power solutions, maintaining that natural gas offers the best environmental energy alternative compared to traditional coal-fired power plants. As many African countries turn to natural gas as a power generation solution – driven by the continent’s power challenges whereby 620 million lack access to electricity – Hon. Nally offers fundamental solutions and technological models for the transition from coal to natural gas, and will promote such at AEW 2021. Additionally, Hon. Nally will promote the utilization of Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) as a cleaner source of fuel. By showcasing Canadian technology and its integration with LNG, Hon. Nally will introduce methods of making clean energy even cleaner, introducing valuable insights into the role of both small- and large-scale LNG in Africa. As Alberta begins to expand LNG development and utilization, Hon. Nally will share strategies for the adoption of LNG in Africa at AEW 2021, promoting development across the continent.   

“AEW 2021 is committed to making energy poverty history by 2030. We are honored to host Hon. Nally as a speaker and eager to hear his viewpoints on the role of natural gas and gas-to-power in accelerating electricity access and alleviating energy poverty. As Africa progresses into an energy transition, AEW 2021 aims to promote the role of natural gas in the transition and Hon. Nally’s participation will only further this agenda, as well as promote the role of Canadian service providers in African markets,” stated NJ Ayuk, Executive Chairman, the AEC. 

“African states and the Oil and Gas industry can learn a lot from the Province of Alberta, Canada. Alberta, under Hon. Jason Kenney, Hon. Sonya Savage, and Hon. Nally has shown real courage in defending the role the oil and Natural gas industry plays in the economy of Alberta, Canada. They have promoted free market and pro-growth policies and Africans can learn a lot of from their bold policies for the Oil and Gas Industry. Hon Nally and his team have put in place policies that encouraged new drilling and provide relief to mature oil fields. It has improved investor confidence and created jobs for Albertans. Africans will embrace Alberta and its key institutions like the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology that has trained so many Africans working offshore and onshore. These relationships need to be strengthened and prepared for a strong Canada-Africa energy investment,” concluded Ayuk

Canada already has a foothold in Africa with companies such as Reconnaissance Energy Africa (Recon) working with both the Namibian and Botswana governments to drive exploration and production within the Kavango Basin. Recently, in a three-stage drilling campaign in Namibia, Recon has indicated the potential of billions of barrels of oil, further cementing Canada’s footprint in African markets. With the third stage about to be implemented, the world eagerly awaits the results.  Additionally, Canadian-based Africa Energy Corp., an oil and gas company with exploration assets offshore South Africa and Namibia, is actively exploring offshore prospects and advancing upstream activities in Southern Africa. With working interests in Block 2B and Blocks 11B/12B in South Africa, and PEL 37 in Namibia, Africa Energy Corp. is working with major oil companies Total Energies and Tullow to explore African oil and gas opportunities. By participating at AEW 2021, Hon. Nally will further promote the role that Canadian service providers such as Recon and Africa Energy Corp. have to play in emerging African markets. Canada is set to be a key driver of African upstream growth, with Hon. Nally’s participation only enhances this trend. 

Hon. Nally brings with him decades of private sector experience and will, therefore, promote the increased penetration of Canadian service providers and the private sector in African markets, initiating sectoral and economic growth continent wide. By emphasizing the role that companies such as Recon and Africa Energy Corp. play in Africa, as well as the opportunities available for such companies, Hon. Nally is focused on expanding Africa-Canada relations in a bid to reaffirm partnerships, introduce Canadian companies to African opportunities, and drive energy sector development in both Alberta and Africa as a whole. 

Both Hon. Nally and the African Energy Chamber believe in the advantages of natural gas in spurring electricity access, industrialization, and economic growth. Hon. Nally’s position on natural gas is clear: that it is the best resource to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions and end energy poverty. By promoting this message at AEW 2021 in Cape Town, Hon. Nally aligns with the African Energy Chamber’s agenda to make energy poverty history by 2030. 

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