AirLink Continues dorminating skies despite South Africa’s level 4 covid-19 restrictions.

By Nevson Mpofu

AirLink the South African based domestic and regional airline will continue to provide regular scheduled service across its network of more than 35 destinations .This is done to support business , trade and tourism . AirLink has the concern to keep the national economies of the Southern African region functioning . The superb service flight keeps the skies in boom business while South Africa is under covid 19 level 4 restrictions to slow the spread of infections in the country.

The fully fledged operational airline adjusted its scheedule of selected AirLink flights so that its customers comply with the revised curfew with minimum disruption to their travel plans.

“”We fully support Southern African governments effort to flatten the infection curb as safety and wellbeing of our customers , curfew and staff is our priority . However together with our service providers , the airports at which AirLink operates , and our customers , we have demonstrated that by applying stringent local and internationally recommended hygiene and bio-security measures that our flights are safe”” said the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of AirLink Rodgers Foster.

He added that at this time businesses and economies are fragile , it is therefore crucial that AirLink  continues to provide convinient and efficient air connectivity .

“”At this time when businesses and economies are fragile , it is crucial that we continue to provide convinient and efficient air connectivity”” , he added

While  inter provincial travel for leisure to and from Gaunteng province is prohibited , travel to and from Gaunteng is permitted for businesses and essential purpose travelers transiting through Gaunteng to a final destination outside of that province is also permitted .

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