Zimbabwe: President and Vice President At Odds Over COVID 19 Restrictions.

By Nevson Mpofu

Vice President Chiwenga and President Mnangagwa

Political scuffles in latent shadows muzzle Zimbabwe as President Mnangagwa violates covid-19Regulations by his vice President Constantine Chiwenga who stands as well as Minister of Heath and Child Care.

Vice President announced hard lockdown measures on Saturday 12 June following an increase in Corona cases. KweKwe one of Zimbabwe’s cities was put on serious hard lockdown including tourists Towns like Kariba and Victoria Falls north of the country. The 1 month lockdown in the Midlands Province came as a result of corona B.1.617 variant brought from India which killed one person.

In resistant to this vested with powers on his shoulders President Emmerson Mnangawa gathered thousands of people after the announcement in the same hinterland of the city of Kwekwe where he addressed people who attended a cultural event.

President Mnangagwa is believed to have instructed Army and Police Chiefs to take a back-seat and ignore manning road blocks managing the movement of people like how it happens when HE President Mnangagwa announces it .

MDC Alliance President Nelson Chamisa asked to comment by PAV said the outlook of everything is like there must be no lock-down . HE feels it that the nation must not be in such situations pathetic to say because already people are under hard times .

” What is a concern is the situation under which people are in , there have been lockdowns before , people’s livelihoods get disturbed in an already down economy. Why lockdown under such hard times.

It looks like a panic mode not planning’’, comments leader of opposition. A political commentator wo hid his identity said the country is in leadership confusion. he adds on that the two leaders seem to be in a wrangle of leadership confusion and misunderstanding .

” There is a confusion and misunderstanding because of what is happening. The vice President is the Minister of Health. He has the power to declare on what the position of covid-19 is in the country. The President failing to take hid of this is another story I can- not comment on ”, he hanged in air shutting down the interview .

There is still confusion with the leaders then the nation seems not to take heed to the announcement made by Vice President. To the people it looks like just restrictions not lockdown. What is making it light is that Ministers are not giving comments to this, same to the Police Chief and Army Chief like they do when its President Mnangagwa

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