The Institut Choiseul Reinvents its Choiseul 100 Africa Ranking by Offering Young African Leaders the Opportunity to Apply.

The application campaign is open between June 1st and July 7th 2021

From 2021, young leaders from the continent who would like to be part of the Choiseul 100 Africa ranking (to be disclosed in September) and the Choiseul Africa network are invited to apply. The application campaign is open between June 1st and July 7th 2021.

The reference ranking of young African leaders

Launched in 2014, the Choiseul 100 Africa is an annual study conducted independently by the Institut Choiseul that identifies and ranks the 100 young African leaders aged 40 and below who are playing or expected to play an important role in Africa’s development in the near future.

By honouring business and institutional leaders, entrepreneurs and innovative project leaders, the Choiseul 100 Africa aims to highlight the dynamism of the African decision-makers’ young generation and the renewal they em- body for the continent.

What’s new in 2021: the opening of online applications

In order to continue to be as close as possible to the territories, the Institut Choiseul is opening up this year to young African leaders the possibility of applying online on the Choiseul Africa to be part of the ranking.

The candidates selected by the selection committee will join the Choiseul Africa family, which today includes laureates and about 200 alumni (former laureates who have passed the 40-year limit) in 47 out of the 54 countries on the continent.

The application campaign is open between 1st June and 7th July 2021 for a publication of the ranking in September 2021.

Choiseul Africa, the initiative that highlights the excellence and diversity of the continent

Operating in 16 business sectors that underpin African growth, the Choiseul 100 Africa laureates represent the diversity and dynamism of a forward-looking continent.

Through the studies it publishes and the events it organises (Choiseul Africa Summit, Choiseul Africa Business Forum), the Institut Choiseul aims to bring together a large spectrum of visions about governance and development issues in Africa, but also to promote a new kind of business dialogue between the continent and Europe.

Sectors represented in the Choiseul 100 Africa

Finance, telecoms, ICT, banking, energy, education, transport/logistics, agribusiness, industry, commerce, services, real estate/construction, health/care, cultural industries/media, institutions, sport business

About Institut Choiseul :
The Institut Choiseul is an independent and non-partisan think tank dedicated to the analysis of international strategic issues and major economic and societal challenges, as well as to the identification of talent. By organising prestigious events and informal mee- tings between the most influential political, institutional or economic leaders in Europe, the Mediterranean area and Africa, and by distributing its publications to decision-makers and opinion leaders, the Institut Choiseul contributes to fertilising debate on contem- porary issues.

*SOURCE L’Institut Choiseul

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