Sierra Leone: NRM urges APC to set up interim body to adopt new constitution.

By Ishmael Sallieu Koroma

The National Reformation Movement (NRM) has urged stakeholders in the All Peoples Congress (APC) party to facilitate the setting up of an interim body that will conduct elections for the delegate who are to adopt the new constitution of their party thus calling for the “defunct leadership to stop wasting the party’s time and to comply with the recent court orders’’. 

 In a presser on Wednesday 16th June, at the Sierra Leone Association of Journalist (SLAJ) headquarters on Campbell Street in Freetown, the Chairman NRM, Mohamed Sheridan Kamara Esq., said that as the endless legal defeats have shown, it will be foolish to challenge orders that call for delegate elections and the adoption of a democratic constitution by the party thus they as a body are only seeking reforms in their party although they have been branded badly as ‘rebels’.

“The NRM remains committed to the struggle against the suffocating presence of dictatorship in the APC. We are fully aware that the tenure of the National Advisory Council (NAC) has long come to an end.  We well known that the questionable extension of its mandate has also come to an end on 15 June, 2021,’’ he said.

Lawyer Mohamed Sheridan Kamara said that, they as a group find it beyond being deceptive that the party’s defunct leadership delaying the adoption of a democratic constitution by filing unproductive and pointless appeals stating that it is their view that the only reasons the defunct leadership sticks to this unreasonable position is to buy time, prolong its illegal stay in leadership positions and undermine the party’s chances of winning the next elections.

“It is also not lost on us that the national officers, all without exception, have held offices illegally. The movement has also taken note of the vile plan of the national executive to renew its already illegal mandate through an equally illegal body called NAC. We are further aware of a matter in the court that hinges on the legitimacy of the very executive that plans such an elaborate illegal operation,’’ Lawyer Kamara added.

The NRM chairman further said since the intention behind this elaborate, illegal operation and pointless appeals is to use the handpicked delegates to execute a diabolic plan against the adoption of a democratic constitution; the movement urges the effete leadership out of such unworkable plan that does not coincide with the party’s collective interests.

“We can overstate the futility of any attempt to extend a mandate that has rested on an illegal foundation from the beginning. is it necessary for us to say any more about the futility of attempting to use manufactured delegates , who are manipulated into their positions through a brazen violation of the party’s 1995 constitution , to adopt a democratic constitution ?,’’NRM noted.

The NRM boss however said,  they are particularly pleased to inform the public that they never to be demoralized adding that they have once again mobilized all its splinter factions into a single movement thus stating the  need for collaboration  until a democracy constitution is adopted has subsumed the reform factions under a single umbrella.  

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