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Mozambique: A Terrorism Crisis with Global Stakes

June 22, 2021


the cosmic corporate world salivates to tear stake of natural gas , oil resources .

....Mozambique set to converge the World

By Nevson Mpofu

SADC leaders are standing in solidarity with Mozambique

Mozambique is  blinking lacrymose deluge of painful tears as the Islamic Insurgency man made political crisis takes a new wave of peace instability . This is imperfectly done on political grounds of aggrandise and avarice .Due to its natural resources converging the business world , the turning point of peace in this African state has culminated to an abnoxious economic and humanitarian situation.

Qualitative and desk top research in scrutiny to thorough investigative information exploration settles down unearthed collective data that President Felipe Nyusi recently on Saturday 5 June visited President Mnangagwa to amass military support. Another state visit to Rwanda was to seek military support. In step further up the ladder Nyusi and Kagame paid President Macron visit in France to deliberate on issues related to military support in order to protect French investment projects.

President Mnangagwa quoted by media opened a vision of his mind by breathing sentinels related to Nyusi and his visit.

"Yes , President Nyusi flew from his country just to have a chat with me. Most important  of all we feel the Joint  Permanent Commission between the two countries which lasted in 2013 must be resuscitated. He briefed me as well about the security situation in Mozambiue"

France is battling for security and military protection of its US 20 billion liquefied natural gas project (LNG) project.This has escalated on the initiative auspices at the behest of President Emmanuel Macron who is in a defensive military straddle to let French investments in northern  burning Cabo Delgabo province be under military surviellance.

Evidential sited successes and failure of France's desperate bids to secure its investments are a subject of PanAfricanVisions investigations .

Through the support of France there are 500 Mozambiquean soldiers protecting gas companies in precarious spotlight Carbo province. Apart from France some foreign based companies are eager to  see more soldiers manning massive security.

" At least more than 3000 soldiers are needed from the SADC region. This stands as heavy tight budget but USA and a few Western economic powers are ready to take ground of financial and resource support " a source unnamed for reasons said .

The source with the Mozambique embassy in Harare further explored that  Jihadists are fighting to get a share in this wealth.

"You know Lionel Dyck former commander of  national army of Zimbabwe now with a private security company in South Africa was hired by the Mozambique defence forces.

The source explored in depth about the intervention which Paul Kagame of Rwanda was asked to take. Felipe Nyusi flew to the country to talk to him , flow of information states further SADC disaproved of this initiative of an outsider to intervene like this.

"Kagame had accepted taking part in providing military support but was blocked by Sadc , you know why. SADC Troika on May 27 opposed the idea at the Double Troika Summit last month . Nyusi was advised that Rwanda had to work through the regional structure if it wanted to help "" 'he pointed fingers shivering.

President Nyusi with French President Macron whose country has huge economic stakes in Mozambique

President Nyusi quoted in some sections of media pointed out that his mission to Zimbabwe wholly lies on economic issues. He said some would be discussed in the Joint Permanent Commission (JPC)

"We discussed a lot with President Mnangagwa including economic issues, some of which will be discussed in the Joint Permant Commission."

France is floating in a swim that is difficult to reach the shores because so far the project is not running well after fighters of Islamic state affliated to the group A1 Sunnah wa Jamaah ASWI escalated violence . Up to date 2000 lives have been claimed.""

Mozambique attracts World attention. France is getting close to President Mnangagwa working through the European Union to help lobby for removal of sanctions so that Zimbabwe can be happy enough to play the game in Mozambique. PanAfrican Visions collects gleanings  that are said to spike President Mnangagwa ponder a  panging dilemna over what to take or not. He is yet to hear from advisers.

There is massive ascendance of interest in Cabo . EU and NATO have taken side of the centre stage attracting as well countries like USA and Britain . USA firms like Anadarko  Petroleum Corporation , the biggest potential investor has US25 billion project budget .Multi national oil and gas company ExxonMobil wants to investUS500 million. Italian company ENI and a number of companies from countries in Europe , Asia the likes of China , Japan , India , America the likes of Brazil and Australia have beaming pledges..

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