Family of Indian kidnapped by terrorists in Mozambique seeks help

By Jorge Joaquim

The family of an Indian kidnapped by terrorists in their attack on the town of Palma in Cabo Delgado province have asked Indian prime minister Narendra Modi to intervene, 

According to indian newspaper The Tribune, Vinod Beniwal, from the city of Panipat in the state of Haryana, was working as a manager in Palma when he was abducted along with other foreigners in the attack on the town on 24 March, his brother Satendra said.

The terrorists demanded a $1m ransom from his employer, but although the employer was willing to pay, he was unable to go to the forest to hand over the money, as the Mozambican army would not allow him to travel there.

Satendra Beniwal added that the family had been asking the Indian embassy in Mozambique to get his brother released, either by putting pressure on the local government to act against the insurgents or by facilitating the ransom payment.

The insurgency in northern Mozambique is often likened to Al-Shabab, the Islamic militant group operating in Somalia. Since 2019, the Mozambican fighters have claimed allegiance to the terror organization “Islamic State” (ISIS).

Militants have used explosives, machetes and firearms to conduct lethal attacks, including attacks on vehicles.

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