Covid-19 Killed 9 Ghanaian Doctors In A Year– GMA

By Maxwell Nkansah

The Ghana Medical Association (GMA) has revealed that a  total of nine (9) doctors have lost their lives to the COVID- 19 pandemic in the last 12 months.

The doctors died because they came into contact with patients who have contracted the virus in the course of treating them.

So far five hundred and forty (540) doctors have also contracted the virus over the same period.

According to the Ghana Medical Association (GMA) if government thinks it has vaccinated enough people and so can lift the protocols it should make public the figures but the data on the ground doesn’t show that Ghana is out of the woods yet.

Deputy General Secretary of the GMA, Dr. Titus Beyuo said the recent event at the Funeral of the Former General Secretary of the NPP, Sir John shows that the numbers were huge and physical distancing disregarded.

According to him, the Ghana Medical Association (GMA) “called for the heads” of the leaders of the Christ Embassy after their massive outreach programme and therefore the GMA would not stop at calling on the police to arrest the organizers

The GMA has further urged the Inspector General of Police IGP, to arrest and prosecute the participants of the event.

Ghana Medical Association said the consequences are not too difficult for us to imagine. The GMA is very disappointed and so they want to see some prosecution taken place.

The said as for them as medical doctors it will be disservice to their colleagues who have paid the ultimate price to sit back and keep quiet about this. They further said it would not have honored the heroes who have fallen victims to this disease. From its latest analysis they have lost 9 doctors in 12 months of various categories, highly trained so they won’t sit down for this to happen.

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