Cameroon: Hon. Joshua Osih Escapes “Expulsion” from SDF Party.

By Boris Esono Nwenfor

Hon Joshua Osih called for Cohesion and Reconciliation of the Party in his appeal

Honourable Joshua Osih’s stay in the opposition Social Democratic Front (SDF) party will continue after the National Executive Committee (NEC) ruled in his favour.

Meeting this June 12, and chaired by the National President Ni Joh Fru Ndi, the National Executive Committee “settles for a decision to cancel the application of article 8.2 on the 1st National Vice President – Hon Joshua Osih after in-depth debate highlighting the need for party cohesion and reconciliation.”

“Take note of the humble appeal made by the 1st Vice National President for Party cohesion and reconciliation under the current political climate,” the communiqué read in part.

“Rejects the petitions from Douala 1, the Coordination of Mungo South and that of Nkam for lack of quorum and facts and orders that the provision of article 14 (F) that says officers of the executive committee of every level of the Party shall remain in office after the expiry of their mandate until new officers are elected to be respected.” 

The complaint against the Member of Parliament came from the Littoral bureau who dissociated itself from all his acts deemed contrary to the party. The Littoral Bureau had asked NEC to implement article 8.2 which will completely remove Hon. Joshua Osih from the SDF Party.

Joshua Osih, Vice President and MP for Wouri Centre was accused by the SDF Littoral Bureau of anti-party activities such as signing a petition addressed to the American Parliamentarians on the subject of the expulsion of Cameroonians illegally present in the United States, something Jean Michel Nintcheu and Osih have clashed on.

He was also under suspicion of collusion with the regime in power; the poor management of the 2018 Presidential campaign; his rebellion against the NEC resolutions of March 13 through the organization of a media campaign in defiance of the NEC.

While frowning at part of the report, the National Executive Committee went further in calling for the Centre Regional President to “immediately reinstate all the duly elected officials of the Party in the Region.”

Hon. Jean Michel Nintcheu and Hon. Joshua Osih has been having a well-documented fight with accusations and counter-accusations. The saga has been playing out in the open with many factions forming between the two well-known SDF politicians.

Hon Joshua Osih was SDF Presidential candidate in the 2018 Presidential election

It is still uncertain of this decision from the National Executive Committee of the Party will go to resolving the differences the two politicians have as the Party has called for “reconciliation.”

The SDF Party that for long has been regarded as the main opposition party to the ruling CPDM has fallen drastically in recent times even to the extent of losing its second place at the National Assembly in the last elections. The two strongholds of the North West and South West Regions voted overwhelmingly for the ruling CPDM party.

Taking note of this, NEC has instructed the Regional Coordination of the South West, “as soon as it is put in place to re-launch part activities within the Region wherever possible.” 

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