Zimbabwe‘s Nutrition Active Civil Society Organisation, ZCSOSUNA Takes Multi-Concerted Intervention to Address State of Children’s Poor Diet.

By Nevson Mpofu

Kudakwashe Zombe, National Coordinator for the Zimbabwe Civil Society Organizations Scaling Up Nutrition Alliance (ZCSOSUNA)

State of the World’s Children 2019 Report draws pathetic results driving fast forward child care and rights that needs to be restored in faith and confidence of having adolescents in mind.  The report bares all that adolescents 10 years to 19 years population clocks close to 1,2  billion in total .

Adolescents in low and middle income countries currently face nutrition challenges exacerbated by several socio-economic, health and environmental factors. Poor health in many developing countries of the World is a result of poor diet.

This is increasing at an alarming and striking rate likely to cause diverse health consequences especially in many children who constitute adolescents ages 10 to 19 years. A report in hand for 2019 states that 34% were reported consuming fruits , 21% consumed vegetables less than a day  , 42% drink carbonated soft drinks at least once a day . It further notes that under ½ of adolescents, 46% consume fast-foods once a week. Half, ½ of adolescents of girls live in rural communities in low income countries.

The triple burden of malnutrition is a worry to a Zimbabwe based Nutrition organisation, ZCSOSUNA , Zimbabwe Civil Society Organizations Scaling –Up Nutrition Alliance . An Expert in the field of Nutrition in the organisation Kudakwashe Zombe calls for a press conference set date for 13 May next week in Harare at a local hotel..

‘’The state of world’s children 2019 in low and middle income countries has increased in adolescents. This is a result of poor diet. This has caused triple burden of malnutrition. It is a cause for concern, the reason why we can- not leave this happening. There is need for full implementation of the School Health Policy and Strategies of 2018’’.

The Policy goes well in reducing malnutrition in Zimbabwe. This was launched in 2018 by the two Ministries which worked together in-order to prevent health risks and control malnutrition in learners. It is mainly meant to promote positive health determinants .The Ministries are Health and Child-Care and Primary and Secondary Education.

Hunger in many developing countries is caused by lack of essential nutrients. This has caused under-weight in many children. One third, 1/3 of Children under 5 years are stunted and wasted   , 2/3 have risk of malnutrition, hidden hunger and poor diet. In Infants ranging from new-born babies early initiation of breast-feeding is the best start for these new-born.

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