The one thing that your competitors cannot take from you

Talent, good ideas, good ideas, good product, great service, great financial model are all attributes your brand possesses. But guess what, your competitors also possess those attributes.

It is no longer enough to be creative, have a good product or service, it is about selling the uniqueness of what you have to offer. Without the ability to sell your brand, your brand just remains with you, there will be no one (customers) to buy into the product or service your brand has to offer.

The story of your Brand

Every brand across the globe is figuring out ways to tell the story of their brand in order to influence consumers to buy into their offerings. This is the secret key that your competitors can never take away from you, Your story.

Your story is unique. It is what will get the job done. It defines your brand, articulates your vision, and becomes the driving force that will produce an exceptional result. How to get the right story is however the question. Your story should convey more than just facts about your business establishment and operations. It should be able to evoke an emotional reaction in your customers. Below are 6 steps to put together a compelling brand story.

#1 Define your mission, vision, and values

To create a compelling brand, you must first define your brand’s mission, vision, and values. Ask yourself, When and how did my brand path begin? Why did I choose this path? What is my goal? What is my vision? What beliefs drive my actions? Answering these questions will help you identify the uniqueness of your brand in the marketplace, and identify your brand’s personality and voice.

#2 Make it human

Make sure your brand conveys the everyday life of people. Thus, generate impulses, emotions, and desires that will help your customers see the human nature of your brand. Let people in by conveying your passions or the challenges your business has met along the way in shaping your brand.

#3 Study

Experience is truly the best teacher. Learn the art of writing compelling stories from such brands in your niche. For instance, if you are starting up a beverage company, you might want to learn the art of storytelling from such strong brands as Kasapreko or Coca-Cola. By visiting their website and social media pages, you will be able to look at the compelling stories they are telling with their brands. Coca-cola for example evokes the feeling of happiness, joy, and good times in everyday human gatherings.

#4 Add visuals

By adding still or moving images, you will be able to embed your story in the minds of your customers. Visuals help customers better retain your brand’s voice than words.

#5 Consistency

Be consistent with the brand story you are selling. Avoid any form of contradiction that may confuse your customers. Once you deviate from the brand story you are telling, your customers will tag your brand as dishonest and will pull away from your brand.

#6 Make a difference

It’s important to include in your brand story how it is making a difference in a community or institution. Make sure your brand is helping to solve a problem.

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