Sierra Leone: Sonia Jaffar opens first ever Kids photography studio in the country

By Ishmael Sallieu Koroma

A Sierra Leonean Entrepreneur Sonia Jaffar has last Friday 7th may 2021 opened the first ever babies props kids photography studio for kids in the country.

Speaking at the opening ceremony at Kingtom West of Freetown , the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Babies Props by Sonia , Madam Sonia Jaffar said that her inspiration to set up the first ever exclusive photo studio for kids in the country came up when she got her first child after going  for a photo shoot for her child in a foreign country adding that she realised that all those that were working at the place where women from the creators to the photographers thus  the thought of bringing  such an idea back home all started.

“I started off with this concept when I had my first child that was how I get inspired when I went to take a photo shoot for my child in a foreign country.  I saw they were women , the creator and the photographer were women so I get inspired and thought this is something  I should do in my country because I have noticed that many people  aren’t focus on babies except adults  and I wanted to change the concept ,’’she said.

She added that the people he had met with during the photo shoot abroad were very helpful in getting her to show her the materials needed to set up the kind of kids photo studio she had experienced stating that she started doing research on the internet where she learnt a lot and get a lot of idea to eventually setting up a magnificent and classical studio in the country.

“Firstly the unique thing is that I am the first person that have done and opened a baby photo studio in the whole of Sierra Leone. Immediately when I started, you know Sierra Leoneans like to copy and I have seen people trying to imitate us. Customers go there when they find it cheaper but at the end of the day they will come back to us telling me I did it in another place but they didn’t do it as I had wanted,’’ Madam Jaffa lamented, stressing that photography is not about been to it but said it is about the passion you put into it and the quality of service you render to your customers.

The CEO went on to say that she is not into the business of photography for just business but said she is into it to bringing a unique satisfaction to his customers and to show a sense of professionalism and value for money.

“ I like quality things and I want when I am out there for  people to be  proud of my brand so I can’t afford to give them less quality , My gadgets are all brand new and I have  one of the best in town. Everything is all on point,’’ CEO Jaffa boasted.

CEO Jaffar further said that dealing with kids and babies is not easy sometimes stating that she will spent hours just to get a photo shoot which is why they charge an appreciable amount of money to her customers as a way to pay for the time spent in the work thus they do photo shoot for new born, toddlers, maternity pictures among others.

 “I will be providing internship opportunities here, I will not keep my knowledge to myself, I will share it out there. Because I can’t be selfish to just have it by myself I need for teach people out there as well so that even if I am not able to hire them they will be able to work with other studios in the country. Thank you so much. I appreciate you all. ‘’

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