Sierra Leone: APC Reformation Movement says Alfred Peter Conteh Court action was to create an equal playing field for everyone in the party

By Ishmael Sallieu Koroma

Alfred Peter Conteh

The All People’s Congress Reformation Movement (ARM) has said that Alfred Peter Conteh’s quest to taking the leadership  of the party to court was on the backdrop of allowing an equal playing field for one an all, adding that he wanted to see an APC that is free from vices and ready to stand up for its people.

According to the release,  they believed that, him (Alfred Peter Conteh) wanted  to see his party  caters for the suffering masses that are dismally wallowing in opposition threat thus it is on that note, that one of its members  has pushed for a redress at the court of law which he believes  is the only way to get justice.

“As a true son of the APC, he commends the effort being made so far by the Ernest Koroma’s executive, but urged the people to aware that they (Ernest Bai Koroma and his executive) are not in charge anymore until we have an adopted constitution and a convention to elect the next executive that will be leading us to State House in 2023,’’the release reads.

The release noted that, Conteh has staked his life to fight against the Ernest Bai Koroma’s illegal and failed leadership to hold firm to the cause of a new dawn in the party adding that his fight is not about aging or personal interest as there are lot of people in the APC Reformation Movement (ARM) and the National Reformation Movement (NRM) who are far older than Ernest Koroma.

“Being tagged as the APC freedom fighter, Alfred Peter Conteh espouses that, this is the time for every comrade of the APC to brace up and accept the wind of change. He warns that, the illegal executive of Ernest Bai Koroma must not tread on the path to challenging the prayers put forward in the court as there are more facts to be unfold in the ongoing matter,’’ the release further noted.

The   group said, this is not the time to shy away the executive because they are not in charge, but to encourage each and every comrade to join the bandwagon while they march towards victory adding that they believed those who were once appointed, though illegally, but most do not have an alternative by then.

 “He therefore calls on everyone to stay calm and stay put while an interim body will be set up to lead us all to the adoption of our draft constitution and our delegate conference. There is always victory for the APC party even at a time when everyone sees it impossible. But that victory can only be achieved now if we all agree to move on as the court has ordered. Let us all put away our egos and drop our prides for the betterment of our grassroots. The APC has always been the party for the grassroots and we will continue to stand firm for the grassroots,’’ Alfred Peter Conteh lamented.

The APC Reformation movement therefore called on everyone to stay calm and stay put while an interim body will be set up to lead us all to the adoption of our draft constitution and our delegate conference. At this juncture, the reformation calls on all to be supportive to the changing narratives of the party. Winning is here!!!

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