President Edgar Lungu.

LUSAKA,-In his recent speech at the Northern Province party convention President Edgar Lungu reassured the nation that Zambia will overcome it’s economic challenges.

In my opinion, this positivity and optimism is supposed to be embraced by every well meaning Zambian.

It is only then shall this beautiful country called Zambia experience finer things. We ought to move as a unity, as the old adage goes ‘united we stand, divided we fall”.

I have visited eight African countries in the line of duty and while carrying out personal errands and I have noticed one thing about those countries that are doing better economically which we somehow lack as Zambians. It’s called consistency and love for their countries

Among the countries I have visited include Bostwana, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Namibia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Malawi.

During my stay in the named countries I also discovered that among the eight country’s those that have frequently changed political parties in power are somehow lagging with regards development because they lack consistency.

In my opinion Rwanda, South Africa, Botswanan, Zimbabwe, Namibia, and Kenya are the most developed and have one thing in common. They have maintained the political parties that govern them. They have only changed when it is really necessary. I think this is working wonders for them with regards development.

Some can argue to say Zimbabwe is not developed but that country has only seen dark days after the land reforms, otherwise it was once called the Southern African food basket.

South Africa has only been ruled by the African National Congress (ANC) since it got its independence in the nineties but when you look at its infrastructure development, it’s more coherent.

Rwanda has also been ruled by Paul Kagame since 2000 and he has greatly changed that country’s status from a genocide war torn nation to one of the best tourist destination in Africa. That country is now being advertised in the English premier League.

Similarly Bostwana has only been ruled by the Bostwana Democratic Party (BDP) since in got its independence in 1966 that country is equally economically sound.

Namibia has only been ruled by three Presidents from one political party namely the South West Africa People’s Organisation (SWAPO) since 1990.

Zambia on the other hand has been ruled by three different political parties which have produced six different leaders.

These political parties have different idealogies and every time a new political party takes over power its like they take the country 10 steps backwards.

When the patriotic front (PF) took over from the Movement for Multy Party Democracy it initiated developmental projects such as roads, airports, universities, hospitals among other infrastructure development which have changed the face of this country. Besides adding beauty to the nation, the said projects have created a lot of jobs for many Zambians.

 Why can’t we continue on this path rather than starting afresh with new ideologies.

I’m against democracy, all am trying to say is that consistency comes with high quality results and one can be able to measure their success and progress if they are consistent.

Let us not confuse the current economic hardships that the outbreak of the corona virus and other factors have come with failure of our leaders.

These hardships are worldwide. They require each and every individual to think outside the box and play their part.

Let us give the Patriotic Front (PF) government to continue ruling this nation. Those that have proved and will prove to be bad eggs will be rooted out and life should go on.

That said I’m confident that Edgar Changwa Lungu and the Patriotic Front government will emerge victorious in the upcoming election. I say so because the opposition in Zambia cannot offer anything better besides criticism and unnecessary bickering.

I have never seen so many people get employed than in the pf government.

Currently I know about young teachers, business administrators and other careers holders that where languishing in the neighbourhood being employed under the youth empowerment and employment which is being spearheaded by the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Child Development.

Marketers and other business men and women are getting interest free loans under the presidential empowerment programs.

Cooperatives have continued getting their share the national cake through yearly distribution of farming input support programs and other grants.

Musicians are equally taking home something via presidential arts Development and empowerment scheme.

So if you are not benefiting then you have yourself to blame because the government is doing it’s best to reach out to everyone.

*The views are those of the author

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