African industrialist marks Africa Day with a video to “inspire and motivate” entrepreneurship as pandemic drags on

By Wallace Mawire

Adam Molai is hopeful that the JUA Fund will start a movement which will sweep across Africa

Noting the pandemic-fatigue setting in in many African countries, African industrialist and chairman of diversified company TRT Investments Adam Molai has produced an inspirational Africa Day video to motivate Africans.

“Over 14 months into battling the coronavirus epidemic, it is clear that citizens across the Continent are incredibly weary of the impact that Covid has wrought on their family and social lives, their children’s education and their livelihoods. Africa Day is intended to celebrate and acknowledge the progress that Africa has made in the last 58 years. As we celebrate Africa Day 2021, I thought it was even more important that we, as Africans, reflect on our progress and successes, despite the pandemic, which is why I commissioned the video,” says Molai.

The video titled This is Africa highlights African unicorns (start-valued at over $1-billion) as well as successful businesspeople and ideas originating from Africa.

Molai, who launched the $2-million Jua Fund to support African entrepreneurs in growing their businesses last year, says he wanted to focus on business as it is only through entrepreneurialism and business innovation that Africa will be able to throw off the yoke of economic oppression and prosper.

“The focus of Africa Day is often culture, arts and fashion and while there isn’t any problem with that and it should be celebrated, I believe that it is only through entrepreneurship and business that we will truly transform Africa. Unfortunately, Africa doesn’t have as many unicorns and successful businesspeople and ideas as the developed world can claim. But what is heartening it that the pace of business excellence and innovation has accelerated over the last five years as the video shows. I hope that Africans find this video inspirational and that it motivates all of them to think about solutions to Africa’s challenges that they can monetise,” he says.

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