Sierra Leone:Alfred Peter Conteh Slays the Tyrannical Giants of the APC Party

By Elhaj Malik Shabbaz

Alfred Peter Conteh

Following the court sitting of 19th April 2021, in the matter between Alfred Peter Conteh, and the Ernest Bai Koroma illegal executive, Alfred Peter Conteh who is now tagged as the grassroots Moses in the APC party has slayed  the tyrants’ leadership of Ernest Bai Koroma. This great news came just as Justice Adrian Fisher; the Presiding judge slammed an injunction against the Ernest Bai Koroma executive restraining the rest of the executive from taking part in any activities of the party running up to the emergency adoption of the amended 1995 constitution of the party.

Being the sole plaintiff of the current case, Alfred Peter Conteh came out victorious in today’s ruling after the court slammed an interlocutory injunction against the failed APC leadership. This to many was seen as the new dawn a new APC that could now allow a participatory politics instead of the chosen fewism methods. Today, the legal system of Sierra Leone has again shown tremendous respect for themselves as most people think EBK will use his stolen money to get the court to his side. Justice has been served for the suffering supporters of the APC whom for long have been discriminated because of status or title. Today, as the court adjourned for another sitting, a new dawn has reached the  APC. The end of tyranny.

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  1. Alfred! you don’t really know what you are doing by the time you know that you are causing more harm to the very grass root you are pretending to protect against a tyrant you will really know that you are the very senseless tyrant. But maybe you really knew what you are doing. I saw you like a paidup agent by the SLPP the biggest threat of SLPP are the very people you are fighting but we the grassroots and the victims of this senseless regime will assure you that you will surely regret your action against the grassroots of APC. Targeting the leadership of APC is like directly targeting the grassroots in disguise but since most of you are agent of the SLPP the only way to cover up is by saying you are fighting for the grassroots but let me assure you that you are really fighting the the grassroots. And It will never end up good for you and your pay masters. Am sure you are ashamed and afraid to show your real identity as true SLPP who is also a party card holder of APC but we knew you and we will solve you too since you have decided to be the problem of SIERRA LEONE you will be surely solved.

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