Sierra Leone: Corona Fet Ambassador urges citizens to wear face mask in public

By Ishmael Sallieu Koroma

Corona Fet Ambassador Sheku Putka Kamara speaking in an event at the Africell American Corner, Freetown

One of the ambassadors for Corona Fet in Sierra Leone, Sheku Putka Kamara has urged citizens to always wear face mask especially when they are in public places in order to save themselves from the deadly Corona Virus pandemic in order to stop the spread of the virus in the country.

Sierra Leone first recorded its  covid 19 index case in May 2020 and has recorded just over 4,044 cases since that time with only 79 deaths in total nation-wide from the deadly virus the lowest in the West African sub region. 

Speaking in an exclusive interview with, the corona Fet ambassador Sheku Putka Kamara said that, the importance of wearing face mask cannot be over emphasized as it is part of the protocols and guidelines recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO) which also recommends social distancing protocol in public places.

“It is recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO) that the better you put on a mask, the safer for all of us and to say covid -19 is believed to be transmitted through fluids, but then when you have a face mask, it ensure that it carrier does not transmit the virus to you especially when the person fix on a face mask and that is to say, when you go out in public, it is of essence,’’ he said.

He added that the dangers of not having a face mask is obvious as  health expert have suggested that if one person has a face mask , the others doesn’t the chances are that , the other that doesn’t have a face mask will be infected with the virus thus recommending that the need for massive sensitization on the importance  

“The benefit are enormous because one it protects you , just  perhaps  the most fundamental thing because you really want to stay safe at a time like this ,’’Ambassador Kamara added.

When asked whether there is need for fine for those not complying he replied “I am not too sure there is the need for fines especially when you look at compliance in this part of the world what I think is that there is need for a high sense of nationalism and patriotism to know that this is a national fight and every one can contribute in helping to eradicate the disease in the country’’

The Corona Fet ambassador called on everyone to be an ambassador in their different homes, communities, religious places to sensitize people in order to see the need and importance of wearing face mask whenever they are in public places adding that corona Fet must be every ones fight and must be responsibility of everyone.

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