How Can Ghanaian Businesses Benefit From Virtual Events?

Attending business conferences has been the norm for many decades. By attending business conferences, entrepreneurs meet possible business partners.

Other benefits include networking opportunities, learning opportunities, marketing opportunities, access to the freshest ideas and inspiration, meeting your competitors, and a chance to boost your reputation in the market. Attending conferences is a fun part of business, and meeting new people face-to-face helps to boost confidence and provide inspiration. However, things have changed, and in some instances, visitors can’t go to the place of the event. The solution for this problem is virtual events.

Thankfully, digital technology has developed quickly, making virtual conferences possible for people who can’t go to an event in person.

What Are The Benefits Of Promoting Your Business Through A Virtual Event?
Virtual events are growing quickly and have a wide reach: even people who aren’t able to travel have a chance to join them. They are also cost-effective as there’s no need to travel. All you need to do is attend the virtual conference and watch. For those handling virtual events, finding the right venue is still essential. However, space is no longer a concern, as most of the attendees will go virtually. All a business needs to do is to ensure that the equipment is in working order, come up with promotions, and invite guests. 

The traditional business conference gives opportunities to meet people, but virtual events can actually widen the reach. If you want to showcase your brand and products, this is the right place, as there is a higher chance that many attendees will participate. At physical events, there are limitations, especially when it comes to the venue’s capacity. Through a virtual conference, hosts are worry-free, and don’t need to think about the best venue for a large number of attendees.

Travel time is usually the problem when attending physical events. Travel problems include waking up early to catch a bus, train or flight, the process of checking into a hotel, and navigating to the venue. Although travel gives people satisfaction, for attendees who have deadlines or are in a hurry, travel delays can be stressful. With virtual events, people don’t need to deal with travel issues. All they need to do is prepare themselves for the events. If they are presenting a product or idea, they can now focus on the presentation and think of the things they want to discuss. For entrepreneurs, they have more time to prepare their virtual booths.

The Virtual Booth: How It Benefits Entrepreneurs 
A virtual booth is defined as a space within a larger virtual event. The goal of creating this space is to generate meaningful conversations with attendees. So how do you build a virtual booth? It may include some assets to be displayed; these can be banners, static text, logos, video, and chatbots. To evaluate the success of a virtual conference in Ghana, entrepreneurs usually conduct feedback requests through emails.

By sending these requests, attendees are able to share what they think about the event. In any conference or convention, a member of event staff usually supplies a piece of paper to be collected after the event. What you write on that piece of paper is your comment or suggestion. 

In a virtual conference, however, you get instant feedback from the audience. It is an advantage that you know the results right away, and can improve the weakest areas of your business model. Ghana has been a good market for online business. In fact, stores in Ghana like Jumia and Kikuu offer almost everything to both customers and businesses. Based on the information collected by Wopedigital, 25% of the products being sold online is in the fashion category, while 19% are electronics.

Online is the new normal. Whether you have an online business or a physical one, having your events conducted on the internet will definitely increase your sales. 

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