Gambia: Hike in Food Prices amid Ramadan

By Adama Makasuba

Gambian consumers are complaining of a fresh rise in food prices in the markets amid the Ramadan, leaving dozens of families finding it hard to put food on the table .Hundreds of food buyers are gripped with mixed feelings coping with the rising costs of basic food commodities like rice, cooking oil and other ingredients Ebrima Tamba, a father of five shared how he struggle to make sure at least he puts food on the table for his family, casting concern over the skyrocketing prices of food.“

Before I used to give out 300 dalasis as my house allowance for food but now I am giving out 500 dalasis daily and I have five children who all going to school. And I give each of them 25 dalasis as launch on school going days,” he said.“For now, the living cost is costly in the country and if the situation continues like it will a seriously damage on the people,” he added.Meanwhile, he  called on the Barrow-led administration to address the problems facing the nation with diligence.

Mariama Keita, a house wife after complaining of the high cost of living in the country, pleaded to the authorities to address food high price in the market.“I do spend 300 dalasis on vegetables only on daily basis,” she said, adding “And this is painful to us who must bring food on the table for the family.”

Another house wife Mariama Camara said: “I am calling President Adama Barrow to reduce the prices on food because a leader if you see something that is affecting your citizens you should take action about it to address it. People are suffering.”Ms Camara said: “I spend 400 dalasis daily on food for me and I my husband and my six children which is so difficult.”

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