Zambia Breweries Takes Lead By Example in Fight for Workplace Gender-Balance and Inclusivity.

By Nevson Mpofu

Although balancing gender-equality at par level remains a challenge in Africa’s Feminism circles, Zambia Breweries is no challenge to count on. A communication posted by Lang-Mead and Barker standing in for Zambian Breweries supports the work done by the manufacturing company in promoting gender-inclusivity in Africa. The flow of communication shows more of gender mainstreaming going on in the company. This goes on and well with the 2021 theme ‘’Choose to Challenge’’.

The communication gives as well clear explanation and evidence that promoting gender-balance for total gender-inclusivity have larger turn-over to a country. This sides well with Harvard Business Review report which states that countries with gender balance recorded higher productivity measured by market value revenue across 24 industries in 35 countries.

Zambian Breweries also takes the lead in the support of gender inclusivity. This has come more to light during the International Women Day celebrated 8 March every year. Zambian Breweries People’s Lead Sharon Mwelwa says gender inclusivity and balance that is female to male at par level in managerial positions is one to three meaning to say women are building up on leadership development taking lead as well than before.

‘’Gender-Inclusivity and balance remains crucial in Zambian Breweries. female to male balance in managerial positions is one to three which means there is diversity , growth and business sense in supporting inclusivity ‘’

‘’Gender inclusivity builds for us a better world in which men and women are at par-level. Our mantra is ‘’Together We Thunder’’

‘’Zambian Breweries supports inclusivity. This is seen in managerial positions .A better world is one in which everyone is valued and celebrated for whom they are as individuals’’.

‘’The Recycling Initiative implemented Zambian Breweries and Lusaka City Council empowers women so that they get involved in recycling waste. There are 800 waste collectors of which 75% of them are women ‘’

Sharon Mwelwa says the day celebrated world- wide has the theme ‘’Choose to Challenge’’. She goes on to say individuals are responsible for own thoughts and actions. Together there have moral obligation to create inclusive world.

‘’Individually we are responsible for our own thoughts and actions. Collectively we have a moral obligation to help create an inclusive World. , she says

Zambian Breweries operates under an International brand company, AB In-Bev , the largest in the World . It has 400 brands of beers. It employs 200,000 workers in 50 countries. It does soft drinks as well. Zambian Breweries has the following beer-brands, Castle Larger, Mosi Larger, Black Label, Eagle, Stella Artois and Budweiser.

In commemoration of International Women’s Day celebrated on 8 March .

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