By Nevson Mpofu

The deliberation of a two day virtual meeting done on Friday and Saturday by SADC ministerial Council delivers interesting and comedic results. SADC has been given the refulgent green light to manufacture covid-19 medicines and pharmaceuticals.


Seventeen companies [17] in SADC gets the light to manufacture covid-19 medicines / pharmaceuticals. Among them 3 are in Zimbabwe. These are Sable Chemicals, Disposables [pvt][ltd] and Harare Institute of Technology [HIT] . This was revealed by SADC Executive Secretary Dr Stergomena Tax at the SADC Council of Ministers Meeting. Each of these is getting 300,000 Euro funded by European Union and Germany Development Agency. [EU ] [GDA]

‘’Seventeen companies from SADC will be given the lime-light to manufacture medicines and pharmaceuticals. Among them 3 are from Zimbabwe. Each will get 300, 000, Euro’’. he said briefly .

The meeting was meant to look at strategies, programs and policies the Region has to focus on 2020 to 2030 . They also looked at SADC as a region to remain in peace, prosperity and be a relevant player of International relations.

Mozambique Foreign Affairs Minister Veronica Nataniel Macano Dlhovo chaired the meeting. Deliberations rotated on covid-19 issues still affecting the region. Industrialization also took the discussion high looking at the importance of digital economies especially during covid-19 era in the 4th revolution. The issue of free-trade –area remains crucial.

Digital and economic strategy remains an important discussion in the world. SADC takes this seriously so as to benefit small to medium enterprises. Realization of industrialization is vital discussion in the 4th industrial revolution. SADC also looks at protocols on Health in this era of covid-19 , the meeting noted .

ENERGY PROJECTS for Economic Growth

  SADC urged AfCfTA [African Continental Free-Trade Area] and TFTA [Tripartite-Free-Trade-Area] to work together with COMESA, EAC and see to it that countries that have not signed and ratified to be part of the African vehicle of trade and commerce band-wagon must do so . This makes free trade area becomes a priority to benefit all countries in the African   Region.

The meeting supports 63 infrastructural development projects which includes 17 under the 2nd Priority Action Plan

 for Infrastructural Development in Africa [PIDA –PAP2] . The African Union Continental Strategic Infrastructural Framework has three [3] short listed projects to be looked at with attention. The energy projects which are crucial to the region are Luapula for DRC and Zambia, Bayness Hydro-power between Namibia and Angola and Zzabona Transmission Inter-Connection for Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Mozambique is expected to host the SADC Emergency Operations Centre to monitor disasters in the region and to talk and look at factors like climate change which cause these disasters.

Kiswahili Language

Lastly, it has been learnt that SADC countries take Kiswahili Language interpretation at SADC Ministerial Council Meetings.

2020 to 2030 Road-Map

Countries took a thorough snap-short at the budget for the region for 2020 to 2030. The focus will be led by countries taking survey into strategies, policies and programs best meant to suit times.

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