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Kenya:Three dead following shooting spree in Kisumu

March 05, 2021

By Samuel Ouma

Three people are dead, including the suspect in a shooting rampage in Kisumu, Kenya’s Lake City.

The deadly shooting on Friday morning began when a man grabbed a gun from a police officer manning traffic, entered Kisumu Bus Terminus, and fired shots at passers-by and commuters, leaving two people dead and several injured.

It was reported that the shooter disarmed the officer, and the latter's effort to fight back was in vain because he was overwhelmed.

Those injured, including the officer, were rushed to the hospital for treatment. 


police report said the officer was shot on his pelvic and the bullet exit in his stomach. The hospital source revealed that his condition is serious but stable.

The perpetrator then tried to escape through the nearest hotel, Yasmin, but one officer attached to the bus park with the help of the public members caught hold of him and recovered a Ceska pistol.

After that, the public's angry members descended on him with thorough beatings killing him on the spot, as reported by the Star.

Three national identification bearing separate names, Glen Ochieng, Joseph Otieno Masaka, and Joseph Odeny Mutula, were also recovered from him.

The man concealed his identity by wearing a hoodie and face mask, and wearing gloves on his hands, said the police.

His intention is yet to be established, and the police have launched investigations into the incident.

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