How this Chemistry Graduate re-defined payment solutions for businesses

Over the years, technology has evolved and expanded exponentially setting a trend of increased output and easier work processes.

Communication is one key area that has experienced such exponential growth thanks to the power of technology. Gone are the days when such communication tools like telegraph and Morse Code, which took a long time to interpret, were in use. Today, much more sophisticated communication devices are available. They offer instantaneous receipt and response of messages, voice notes/chat among others.

Alex Adjei Bram has capitalized on this technology to provide SMS solutions for business. These solutions offer a quick and easy way to process payments in-store, online, and on mobile.

Alex Adjei Bram is a Chemistry Graduate from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST). During his final days at the university, Alex Adjei Bram Co-founded Hubtel formerly known as SMSGH in May 2005 and became the company’s CEO.

About Hubtel

The company’s purpose was to aid businesses provide better and efficient service to customers and improve business communication.
During the rebranding ceremony (from SMSGH to Hubtel), Alex Adjei Bram said “with changing times and communities, selling is no longer a community-based activity as products alone are not enough to differentiate any company. Business must do more than just sell. The past few years have taught us that beyond selling we have to serve and engage more with customers. Sell, Serve and Engage. Hubtel is here to shepherd business of all sizes into a modern age beyond buying and selling into one of interactive and smart engagement that awards businesses and customers. We strongly believe that this will result in national and even Pan-African impact.”

This indigenous company has run on the back of its three major platforms/apps; MYtxtBOX, Jumpfon, and MPower Payments. These have grown its customer base to over a 25million across three other African countries; namely Nigeria, Cameroun, and Kenya. The company also has a registered representative office in the United States of America for the authentication of electronic payments.

Hubtel also offers a free point-of-sale app that offers a unique opportunity for businesses to accept all forms of payment from mobile money wallets, bank cards and cash into one wallet!

The Hubtel POS enables businesses to monitor sales from smart phones, tablet or PC. It can be used by any registered business of any size, from a single point to multiple branches. It’s perfect for retailers, restaurants, supermarkets, pharmacies, schools, petrol stations, delivery services, neighborhood convenience stores, saloons/barbering and general merchant shops.

At barely seven (7) years old, SMSGH as it was known at the time, was featured in the 2012 edition of Forbes Africa Magazine.
In 2013, Alex Adjei Bram was featured in a United Nations General Assembly Conference on promoting entrepreneurship.
His entrepreneurial spirit, drive, hard work, recognition of an opportunity, and tenacity has turned Hubtel into a global mobile technology brand.

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