Ghana Roars on 19 March with the Hosting of Miss Pan-African Queen International Pageant

By Nevson Mpofu

Gamuchirai Munyoro the Contestant representing Zimbabwe 

Ghana will on Friday 19 March host the Miss Pan-African-Queen International Pageant in Accra, Ghana at the Gold Coast Lounge. The glamorous breaking event will be graced by graceful  bevy of  54 splendid , crispy , beautiful young girls showcasing their national costumes, culture, heritage and heritage sites endowed as beauty of natural talent back home in their respective countries.

Zimbabwe’s representative to Ghana for this stimulus occasion, Gamuchirai Munyoro carries sentinels in line with Pan-African perspective in the spirit of natural aura. She says national costumes represents the nation, hence it should have all the sundry of colors on the Zimbabwe flag same applies with the rest of the 54 countries.

‘’National costumes represents the nation, hence the reason why there must be all colors in shinning style, splendid and immaculate to market the good of Pan-Africanism.’’

‘’In other words I stand to market Zimbabwe as a country with one of the seven wonders of the World , that is Victoria Falls . Apart from, I cherish the marvelous heritage of human dexterity, our own Zimbabwe Ruins , house o9f stones from which the name of the country is from ‘’

‘’The pageant focusses on celebrating the beauty of an African Women, hence it accepts women of all sizes, shapes, heights. This is a platform for girls to showcase their various beauty with a purpose project which they are currently doing in their respective countries’’.

According Pauline Marere , the out-going Miss Pan-Africa , the National Director of Miss Zimbabwe Grand Trust says they would like to wish all the contestants best of lucky and to thank Miss Pan-African Queen together with the Miss Zimbabwe Grand Trust for giving young ladies an opportunity and platform to embrace talents and the esthetics of beauty .

Mashmac Machena , the Director of Miss Zimbabwe Grand says their projects must benefit young people as an empowerment tool so that girls do not depend on  unscrupulous men in terms of sponsorship . This stops early child marriages, prostitution, abuse of drugs and human tracking.

‘’ Our projects must benefit young people as an empowerment tool. This makes girls not depend on men in terms of sponsorship. This stops early child marriages, prostitution, abuse of drugs and human tracking’’

‘’Miss Zimbabwe Grand is self- funded. We sponsor these pageants. There is no need to depend on top people who later spoil our young girls.  In other words we fight against all forms of abuse ‘’.

‘’Let us change the narrative that pageant girls are prostitutes. That’s a wrong notion. Girls are the future, our mothers tomorrow, and builders of the nation. Every Queen is awarded a project to do. The Queen gets 25% as profits.’’

Miss Zimbabwe Grand started in 2018. It was by then called Miss Harare Grand. It spread wings nation-wide. It became Miss Zimbabwe Grand and got registered in 2019 .The organization is self- sufficient since it is in fashion shows business , pageants shows , fashion shops run on-line with Logistics Delivery  of products done by beauty queens . They also run a farm that grows mushroom, cabbage and potatoes.

Miss Pan –Africa has head-quarters in Nigeria Lagos. Endi Ziki is the Director of Miss Pan-African Queen International. In 2020 the pageant was done in Nigeria in Bayelsa State which is a province like they call in other African countries. The event was sponsored by the Governor of the state mentioned.

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