40th Anniversary celebrating SADC to Deliberate on a New Road-Map for 2020 to 2030

By Nevson Mpofu

SADC –Today 12 March a SADC delegation of Ministers takes on a virtual acme platform to take head-on syllogism and symposium redirected efforts on levelling and cementing on covid-19, security issues and recruitment of the next Chief Executive Secretary.

The meeting ends on Saturday 13 March elevating a new pavement regarding key issues at regional discussion consensus. Among the most to say is deliberation on the proposed transformation of SADC Parliamentary Forum into a Parliament. As a concern at heart the other raised issue is on disaster risk- management response and implementation of decisions of previous summits and councils.

Zimbabwe’s Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Relations Professor Amon Murwira leads the delegation in support of Professor Muthuli           Ncube Minister of Finance and Economic Development and Minister of Industry and Commerce Dr Sekai Nzenza .

‘’This is vital from country to regional level.          We look at key country‘s foreign policy objectives especially relating to SADC development and Integration. The review of SADC Institutional arrangements and other activities to commemorate SADC 40TH Anniversary is key as well.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson, Constance Chemwai says the status of Finance in the region is also key under the discussion.

‘’ SADC post-covid-19 meeting looks at how as a region we can take up issues of health relating to covid-19 . On top of that we look at security and on the recruitment of the next Chief Executive Secretary.

‘’The meeting will also deliberate on the proposed transformation of SADC Parliamentary Forum into Parliament. Disaster Risk Management remains crucial as well to look at especially during the times we are in affected by several issues. As a region we look at how best we make responses so that we can reduce effects of climatic shocks and covid-19 ‘’.

The discussion on the recruitment will look at the out-going Executive Secretary Dr Stergomena Lawrence Tax . The sitting of the meeting will also look at recruitment of Deputy Head of Secretariat. Mozambique Foreign Affairs Minister Veronica Nathaniel Macamo Dlhovo will prerside over the meeting. She is SADC Council of MINISTERS Chairperson. She will be supported by Dr TAX. Veronical Nathaniel adds that there is discussion as well on the implementation plan of the Regional Indicative Strategic Development 2020 to 2030.

‘’ Besides, we have to look at crucial discussion focusing on the plan implementation for 2020 to 2030. It’s a roadmap to lead us to progress of what we have to touch as success. Implementation of the Regional Indicative Strategic Development Plan is a way forward that promotes regional integration.

‘’Apart from anything there are development issues we have to look at like Industrialization strategy. There are strategies and programs that are there in the region. These are crucial in our development vision and mission ‘’ says Professor Murwira .

The Council of Ministers is in Article 11 of the SADC Treaty. It is for over-seeing functioning and development of the region, approving policies and lining up strategies and programs in the region. Secondly it advises Heads of State and Government on matters of overall policy. . The Council consists of Ministers from 16 countries is usually  from Ministries of Foreign Affairs , International Trade , Finance and Economic Development .

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