Zimbabwean Young People Take roles and Responsibility to clean their cities .

…………. Young Africans encouraged as well to take strides in  culture of cleaning African Cities

By Nevson Mpofu Munhumutapa   

Tinashe Nyagunzu
Tinashe Nyagunzu

Every month cleanup campaign now at a stand still due to covid-19 was taken up by a forum of young people in unison of youth collective action. Young People Program Zimbabwe took it unto themselves to stretch muscles in support of clean up campaign to see their city of Harare clean, smart and sparkle. Besides they have taken giant steps to move to other cities, communities.

The organization led by Tinashe Nyagunzu is currently ready to take off into the air with the National Clean Up Open Microphone Championship using music, singing, models and other activities as a way of congregating young people so that they can talk, chat and forum around a debate on keeping cities clean as responsible citizens.

The get on hold with the people is dubbed open microphone clean-up awareness. Taking a pitched voice up for this recording to reach the nation, Tinashe Nyagunzu the President of [YPPZ] Young People Program Zimbabwe said the clean-up campaign is an exercise meant for all young people to take a step towards being responsible for the cleaning of their cities, be it other residential areas in urban, rural communities.

‘’It is our responsibility as young people to make our cities clean. We are moving out of cities boundaries into all the provinces of the country in the 10 provinces of the country. The clean-up idea makes cities, the country clean, happy nation, health people, especially for us it sounds well. We are the young people. We are the leaders of tomorrow. The onus is ours to see that cities are clean for all to stay health.

‘’Let us catch them young. As they grow, they must know it’s the responsibility of the young people to have better, cleaner -cities, let us be responsible as young people to make this World look better than ever before. Our goal is responsibility. It is therefore important to empower youth participation in clean-up campaign meant to build better, livable communities.

Young People Program has visited Harare’s high-density suburbs where there was need for a through clean-up for the betterment of a clean environment. Besides looking at their own city, Zimbabwe’s most vibrant young people organization advises and urges African young people to remain vigilant towards advancing efforts to make their cities clean.

‘’Besides looking at our own city Harare, young people elsewhere must strive to keep their environment clean by taking a role and responsibility to clean their cities so that they remain smart and immaculate.

‘’In other words, we call African young people to cultivate a culture of cleanliness of their cities for a clean Africa with young people in mind to take the idea as important. The idea is to keep African cities clean and health. In this move and endeavor young Africans need empowerment and financial support.’’

Young People Program commends the work by Cassava an Econet subsidiary working with Elevate another subsidiary which does youth funding. Cassava has been quite instrumental in recycling waste in Harare and some cities.

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