RwandAir becomes the 1st African Airline to use IATA Travel Pass.

By Nevson Mpofu

Rwanda-Kigali—RwandAir has become the first Airline in Africa to trial AITA TRAVEL PASS SMART-PHONE APP. This enables passengers to easily and security verify their covid-19 tests and vaccinations status and compliance with all travel requirements.

This is important to Governments of the world which require proof verification to safeguard their people from covid-19 effects. It is important especially during this era with companies in a bid to do business safely and securely.

It is also easy to manage Health issues at hand to meet all the requirements without any challenge. This does not need any paper work meaning that it saves paper and demands no manual work. At the end there is issuance of a certificate of vaccination or prophylaxis. This is an advantage to customers, airline industry and partners and stake holders in business.

The 3-week trial in April is for RwandAir flights between Kigali and Nairobi, Kenya. IATA Travel Pass is a digital platform to all passengers using air-lines. It builds confidence in business conglomerations. The Health of travellers and their partners becomes easy to manage.

YVonne Manzi Makolo, Chief Executive Officer of RwandAir said the innovation comes at a time Governments of the World are in a fight to eliminate the pandemic of covid-19.

‘’IATA’s innovative solution simplifies and digitally transmits information required by countries and Governments World-Wide into Airline systems in secure and efficient manner. It will make it easy for our customers to fly’’.

Alexandre de Juniac -IATA Director and Chief Executive Officer said RwandAir is showing leadership in the airline industry. He said the airline has used IATA products for a long time which tells more confidence it has with IATA . This is history of working in partnership to fight covid-19.

‘’RwandAir is showing its Industry leadership in Africa by becoming the first airline to the continent to trial AITA Travel Pass. RwandAir has long used AITA products. This will build on history of working in partnership and takes steps in covid-19.

‘’This gives confidence to re-open their boarders knowing that arriving passengers are in full compliance with any testing or vaccination requirements ‘’. ’.

The APP has features of registry of testing centres and labs at departure and arrival location which can conduct tests in accordance with type of tests required for the journey. Customers becoming used to the innovation creates ‘’Digital App’’ which verifies pre-travel covid-19 test or vaccination that meets requirements. Vaccination certificates and share of tests makes it easy for customers to do business with participating authorities and airlines in smooth, seamless travel around the world.

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