Rwanda on alert after Italian ambassador killed near the border with DRC

By Ferdinand Maniraguha

File photo of a United Nations convoy north of the provincial capital of Goma (Getty Images
File photo of a United Nations convoy north of the provincial capital of Goma (Getty Images

Rwandan security organs are on high alert after the attack which claimed the life of Italian ambassador to  Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) on 22th February 2021.

The  convoy of ambassador Luca Attanasio was attacked  in the road Goma –Rutshuru, in North Kivu Province, Eastern part of DRC near the border with Rwanda. He was killed together with his bodyguard and driver.

Later government of Congo issued a statement blaming the attack on Rwanda rebel group, FDLR which operates in Rutshuru region.

On 23rd February, Rwandan security organs convened a meeting with population around the border  in the Rubavu district, cautioning them to be  on alert.

Commander of 3rd Division of Rwanda Defense Force, Major General Alex Kagame warned that if  FDLR  could kill a diplomat near the border, it can also  easily spoil Rwandan security on the border.

“FDLR is still there. Yesterday you heard that they killed an Italian ambassador. None can do it other than those (rebels) in Nyamuragira Mountain. They always kill, rob Congolese people, and they say that they want to come and destroy security here. We have to be cautious”, he said.

Major General Kagame added that the road Goma-Rutshuru is near the border with Rwanda, “so If they are able to kill someone in this road next to us, they can even reach here easily if people aren’t serious enough.”

He however promised people around the border that security organs are there to protect them but asked people to show their full cooperation.

Congolese government has started an thorough investigation to find out the real perpetrators of the attack. FDLR which is blamed for attack has denied any involvement.

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