Portugal may help Mozambique train forces against terrorists from April

By Jorge Joaquim

Portugal may start in April to train Mozambican troops in order to step up the fight against terrorism and strengthen cooperation in the security area, Portuguese defence minister João Gomes Cravinho said.

Planning work is currently underway and equipment would also be provided, he said, adding that the training programme had already been agreed between Portugal and Mozambique and only needed to be signed off.

Mozambique had already asked the European Union for help in training its forces to battle the insurgency, which has alarmed countries across southern Africa and beyond and forced hundreds of thousands of people to flee their homes.

While Mozambique awaits for the help, the country is still battling with the insurgents. Government forces have killed six leaders of the Islamist terrorists operating in Cabo Delgado province.

One of those killed was a Tanzanian, and two were described as “Arabs”. The operations in which they were killed took place in Macomia and Muidumbe districts, where the forces are driving terrorists out of their hideouts.

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