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Mozambique: Death Snatches Newly Appointed Head of Military

February 09, 2021

General Eugénio Mussa, the recently appointed head of Mozambique's armed forces, died in hospital on Monday, according to a statement issued by the Communications Office of the Ministry of National Defence seen by Pan African Visions.

General Mussa, who had been hospitalised for some time, passed away only three weeks after being sworn in to his new post by President Nyusi, having been promoted to the rank of general.

Before his appointment as Chief of Staff, Eugénio Mussa had been put in charge of the so-called northern operational theatre — in effect, Cabo Delgado — having been appointed in October.

Last month Mussa made a public statement saying 2021 would be decisive in the fight against the terrorists attacks in northern Mozambique.

Cabo Delgado attacks continues

On the other hand, the terrorist attacks continue in Cabo Delgado. Two girls have been kidnapped by insurgents after they attacked the villages of Nkonga and Lijungo in the district of Nangade, in the northern province of Cabo Delgado.

Few people were living in Nkonga, as most had left following attacks in December.

The terrorists stole food and forced a girl to show them the locals’ hiding places, where they found a group of six girls and kidnapped two of them. Little is known about the attack on Lijungo, except that most of the population had already fled the village.

Meanwhile, almost 90 families from various villages in Nangade district have sought refuge at the Nangade primary school. Some refugees have been hosted by family members in Nangade, but most are staying at the school, which is the only place that offers protection from the rain and the sun.

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