Zambia:Copper Giants Sets Sights on improving working conditions for miners

By Nevson Mpofu.

First Quantum Minerals Limited which operates Kansanshi Mining Private Limited Company [PLC] , the biggest Copper mine in Africa descended on collective bargaining agreement arising from collective bargaining unit negotiations for the year 2021 to 2022. This comes in the wake of regular news release from Langmead and Baker Limited  based in Zambia .  

 Sweet deal negotiations look at better salaries, corporate social responsibility, agronomical, educational allowances, pension schemes and standardized   conditions of service between Kansanshi Mining [Private] Limited] Company and five big giant mining unions of Zambia.

 Mine Workers Union [ MWU]

National Union of Mining Allied Workers [NUMAW]

United Mine Workers Union of Zambia

Miners and Allied Workers Union

Consolidated Mine Workers Union of Zambia [CMWUZ]

The above collectively represent 2,500 unionized workers/ employees at its mine in Solwezi. Collective Bargaining Unit representatives are from Kansanshi Management. The negotiations concluded on Wednesday 13 January 2021.

Kansanshi Mining [Private][Limited] General Manager, Antony Mukutuma said the conditions of service agreed are favorable to a mass of mine workers whose past conditions have been degrading and low. He added that the agreement meant to end on 31st December 2022 is a collective agreement that brings together all workers into a union that has people at heart.

‘’ Let us all together value the people who do work on ground by giving them better conditions. This is what we have agreed to, like salary increment, minimum basic salary for lowest paid employees has been adjusted to suit better, good conditions. Besides there are educational allowances and introduction of pension scheme ‘’

Salary increments of 15% for 2021 and 11% for 2022. Minimum basic salary for the lowest paid employees adjusted to K4,460/ month.

Educational allowances increased to K2,800/term for 2021 and to K3,108 / per term for 2022. There is introduction of a company sponsored private pension scheme for all employees. The company will contribute 5% basic pay to each employee.

‘’ Let us focus on production. Let us as well support local communities during this covid-19 pandemic. Let us as well build business resilience’’. Antony Mukutuma is a General Manager of such stylistic notion.

First Quantum Minerals Limited mines gold, copper and zinc. It is International. Is found in Zambia, Spain, Mauritius, Australia, Finland, Turkey, Panama, Argentina and Peru. At World-wide scale of mining business, it has produced 702,000 tons of copper, 257,000 ounces of gold and 18,000 tons of zinc. Kansanshi is the largest copper mine in Africa. It runs as well Sentinel Mine and Smelter in Kalumbila. Zambia is the second   largest copper mining country in Africa and ranks amongst the third in the world

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