Pan-African-Vision Agenda and Aspiration Five [5] Shine as President Mnangagwa Signs Fact-Book .

By Nevson Mpofu

Africa’s heritage path was paved for its future generations on the 19th of January. This very day President Mnangagwa signed the Africa Fact-Book. It was accompanied by letters to 54 countries of Africa for them to use it as a tool of African Heritage.

The Africa Fact-Book carries unique un-told history of our beloved continent Africa. President Mnangagwa cleared the air that time has come for Africa to rise high up and shine. He spoke State House in Harare accompanied by George Charamba ,  Deputy Chief Secretary for Communications in the Office of the President and Cabinet .

‘’Today I have signed copies of the Africa Fact-Book which Zimbabwe has honor and privilege to host at conceptual age ‘’

‘’We launched this book on 9 September 2020. The 1st edition had been produced under the theme ‘’Busting the myths’’

‘’Let us burst the myths that Africans have never discovered anything. Let us burst myths that Great Zimbabwe walls were not built by Africans ‘’.

‘’I launched this book together with President Cyrill Ramaphosa of South Africa. The reason is we have the same heritage, culture, values and identity ‘’.

The book according to Kwame Muzawazi , Director of INSTAK , Institute of African Knowledge is  a tool for Africans and future generations to learn more about themselves , the history made by those who left us , those with legacy of liberation .

‘’This is a tool for Africans and even those around us to learn more about our identity, culture, values and all that matters and link this ideology. We celebrate through it our being African, our identity, culture and values are greater than ever ‘’.

‘’The book will be distributed soon for people to read and explore their history. This is ever to live African Heritage ‘’. he spoke

The idea to launch the Africa Fact-Book was vitiated and initiated at one of the meetings of the African Union Commission during the time of Dr Nkosazana Zuma of South Africa’s tenure in office at the African Union headquarters. She admired Zimbabwe’s African Book of Records. Then she recommended the country to come up with the Africa Book of Records.

The Fact -Book directs the Pan-African-Vision agenda 2063 of the African Union and Aspiration Five that enhances our African strong culture, identity, common heritage, shared values and ethics. Pan-Africanism and common history, identity, destiny, heritage  , respect for religious diversity and consciousness of African people  is highly cherished ..

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