Kenya destroys contraband goods worth 240,000 USD

By Samuel Ouma

Kenyan authorities on Thursday evening burnt counterfeit goods all valued at ksh24 million (approximately 240,000USD).

The goods included Rice 4,412 bags of 50 Kgs and 1,166 bags of  sugar packed in 50 kg bags each and 38 boxes of thermos flasks, maize flour in sacks, etc.

The products were destroyed by a multi-Agency team led by Coast regional commissioner John Elung’ata.

The agencies comprise Kenya Police, Kenya Anti-counterfeit Agency, Directorate of criminal investigation (DCI), Mombasa island branch, and Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS).

“The goods had evaded tax, and KRA reigned on them, others were imported and expired at the storage area which are go-downs, this according to government agencies have made them unsuitable for human consumption,” Elungata reiterated.

Elung’ata said the government has stepped up its effort to seal loopholes used to bring contraband goods into the country. The regional boss urged the public to cooperate with the government by exposing smugglers.

“If you bring counterfeited goods in the country, you will be caught, and the law will catch up with them. We urge our people to expose traders who they suspect are doing suspicious business and selling in uncertified goods,” he added.

In February 2020, Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) officers set ablaze assorted contraband goods worth ksh1.8 million (approximately 18,000 USD) in Garissa, North-Eastern.

The concealed goods were intercepted at various entry points into the country by security officers while the owners attempted to evade tax.

The items destroyed consisted of 82 bags of sugar, 234 bags of rice, 59 cartons of various powder, 75 rolls of textiles of 25 meters, 50 pieces of multivitamin syrups of 200 mls, norfloxagin and metronidazole, 96 pieces.

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