Cuban health workers arrive in Mozambique to fight covid-19

By Jorge Joaquim

14 Cuban medical workers arrived in Mozambique this week following the Mozambican government’s request for support for a more effective response to covid-19 in the country.

The Ministry of Health (Misau) expects the group to start work today. The total number of Cuban health workers expected to arrive in the country is 45, 30 of whom are intensive care specialists and 15 intensive care nurses. The second group of 31 is due to arrive on 2 February.

The Cuban health professionals were received at the airport by a Reception Committee headed by the National Director of Medical Assistance, Dr. Ussene Isse, which also involved the Head of the Cuban Mission at the Cuban Embassy, Deputy National Director of Human Resources of the MISAU and Director for Europe and America Area at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation-.

Speaking to the media at Mavalane International Airport, Ussene Isse said that the arrival of Cuban health professionals was of capital importance as it would complement the work that the Mozambican counterpart had been doing since the outbreak of the disease in the country.

Since the beginning of January, Mozambique has registered a growing number of new cases, admissions and deaths due to COVID-19.

Yesterday, 14 more people have died in Mozambique from covid-19, bringing the total number of deaths to 319. The latest victims are ten men and four women, all Mozambicans, aged between 49 and 84. They died in hospital being treated for the disease.

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