Airlink Steps Up Its Game in Southern Africa

By Nevson Mpofu

Despite the fact that South Africa has abruptly closed its 20 land boarders, Air-Link remains winged in air working throughout but following covid-19 regulations, laws and curfew of countries in which they operate in, in the Southern African region.

A posted press release reveals  Airlink is on track providing reliable air services to clients travelling in Southern Africa. Airlink Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer [CEO] Rodger Foster said as they do business, they cherish the health and safety of their travelling customers who they take care of throughout their business operations.

‘’Health and safety is critical so as economy continuity for which regional air travel is the only viable alternative. Airlink continues to provide travelers with safe, reliable, affordable connectivity in the Southern African Region ‘’.

Airlink is operating daily adhering to regulations in line with covid-19 as echoed by the World Health Organization and Ministries of Health in countries where it operates in. It follows security protocols, health measures by doing check-ups and providing necessary facilities in line with covid-19 Global, regional and national health guidelines.

Airlink departs after 08HOO. It arrives before 20H00 and 21H OO as restricted by curfew. Wellbeing of customers is always given first priority as Airline adheres to security protocols. Business, Trade and Tourism is crucial for economic development in the region of which Airlink values as an airline.

‘’Wellbeing of customers is no doubt what Airlink values.  We give them the first priority. This is done to necessitate the fast growth and development as well as continuity of links in Business, Trade and Tourism. Airlink supports the continuity and vibrant existence of Business, Trade and Tourism ‘’. Says Airlink Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Rodger Foster.

Air-Link is an independent airline that operates in the Southern African region. Its destinations up-dates Democratic Republic of Congo [DRC] , Tanzania , Maseru ESwatini , Harare and Bulawayo , Gaborone , Maun and Kasane in Botswana , Windhoek in Namibia , Lusaka , Ndola in Zambia , Maputo , Beira and Pemba in Mozambique . It links as well several destinations in South Africa.

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