Zimbabwe:Shamwari Ye-Mwanasikana Still Walks the Talk of GBV, Calls for Change of the Age of consent .

By Nevson Mpofu Munhumutapa

Shaking off GBV, gender-based violence took a morning motive gymnastic stretch of a bevy of women muscles to shake off gender-based-violence dust this week in Harare. Taking it on the stance against this practice of GBV now long overdue to talk of, formidable civil society organizations protecting rights of adolescents picks the fight with men.

 Stretching their bodies in Harare clad in white t-shirts this week mothers and young girls working with Shamwari Yemwanasikana , their friends  , partners and stakeholders dusted off remains of GBV declaring emancipation of women and the girl-child from the bondage of patriarchy .

Speaking to one of the young girls Nance Machokoto stresses a point that violence against women will be a thing of the past through effort of organizations like Shamwari Yemwanasikana . She points out as well that only two weapons need to be sharpened further on.

‘’It shall be a thing of the past. Organizations working with young people are out there picking fights to spread more and more of the weapons to fight back against mal-practices of patriarchy. We have done it in the great fight against GBV.

‘’It will be a thing of the past owing attention to the work done by several organizations at the front like Shamwari YeMwanasikana . We are a long way gone in terms of awareness, sensitization and advocacy. What’s next. We still work it out to further address equality and empowerment.’’

‘’Let us take it on in the long-protracted battle for emancipation of women. An equal society enjoys empowerment as well’’. ,

says a woman who had gone through aborted marriage long enough in pang of pain in forced marriage at tender Age.

‘’What we call for is an idea to talk about the age of consent. We want this to be changed. Age of 16 is still down for us. We are the adolescents we call for that change. ‘’

A lady who asked for anonymity raised a voice speaking during a one on one interview.

 ‘’Some things have changed for the best like education for all for young girls’’.

There is one area, they note it as equality and empowerment ..

Another pseudonym points out that age of consent must be higher than 16 , discussion that shall open out new ideas on how to go further .

‘’Once I taste sex at 16 years while in school it means a problem. Let us do it while in marriage. Tasting sex automatically means marriage.’’

Such was a talk with two other girls who pointed out that they are happy child marriages have been addressed but more still remains unsolved. The school age girls thank Non-Governmental organizations for their consented effort in addressing humanitarian issues in communities.

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