President Mnangagwa Gears for Military Attack to Save Mozambique.

By Nevson Mpofu Munhumutapa


President Mnangagwa and President Felipe Nyusi of Mozambique
President Mnangagwa and President Felipe Nyusi of Mozambique

Following invasion of Carbo Delgabo province by insurgents linked to Islamic state in northern Mozambique, life has turned from from bliss to sour as more and more threats to humanity grow on daily basis

This led to a one-day short summit in Maputo Mozambique on Monday 14 December. President Mnangagwa Chairperson of SADC Organ on Defense and Security paid a visit together with other leaders in the region to pave way for smooth and amicable way of solving the political problem which needs military intervention to build up on peace in the region.

George Charamba Presidential spokes-person said President Mnangagwa left for Mozambique to meet other leaders in the SADC region like Cyril Ramaphosa  of South Africa and Mokgweetsi Masisi of Botswana . He pointed out that the leaders had a one-day summit to solve problems which arose in Northern Mozambique, Carbo Delgado province.

‘’I confirm the President left for Mozambique together with other leaders among them Cyril Ramaphosa and Mokgweetsi Masisi. The main objective lies on solving the likely crisis building up to spread in neighboring countries.

‘’Insurgents linked to Islamic State are a cause of concern in terms of a likely political disturbance likely to spread through-out the SADC region. Zimbabwe and SADC are heavily geared to take action in order to make this insurgency not happen ‘’. says George Charamba .

President Mnangagwa upon arrival from Mozambique said SADC is ready to help Mozambique, He said this problem which needed urgent attention was talked of on 24 November at a summit in Gaborone, Botswana.

‘’ President Felix Nyusi said there are countries like Portugal, UK, Irish Government and probably the US which are eager and promising to give support to Mozambique. We do not know what kind of support is this.

‘’ We want to save Mozambique because we are all in SADC. The need to help was raised as a concern by President Nyussi on 24 November in Gaborone Botswana at a summit in Gaborone. We do not want the problem to spread to neighboring SADC states ‘’

A source close to the writer pointed out that SADC brigade launched in 2008 is expected to be part and parcel of the army to be deployed once it has been agreed that Mozambique is to receive SADC military support.  SADC brigade consists of military police and civilian members.









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