Mozambique: 37 terrorists killed during the week prior to Christmas

By Jorge Joaquim

Soldiers from the Mozambican army patrol the streets after security in the area was increased, following a two-day attack from suspected islamists in October last year, on March 7, 2018 in Mocimboa da Praia, Mozambique. / AFP PHOTO / ADRIEN BARBIER (Photo credit should read ADRIEN BARBIER/AFP via Getty Images)

The Mozambican defence and security forces killed 37 terrorists and seized 21 firearms from them in Cabo Delgado province during the week prior to Christmas, the chief police Bernadino Rafael said on Saturday.

Over the same period the defence and security forces had destroyed 17 boats, three vehicles, ten motorcycles and nine bicycles, along the coast which had formed part of the terrorists’ logistics, added Rafael speaking during a visit to a unit of the Mozambican forces stationed in the  district of Macomia.

Rafael referred to rumours circulating in the province that the jihadists intended to attack Macomia town again.

“If they try to come in here, they should find a response from you, as they have found before”, declared Rafael.

Meanwhile, the terrorists on Wednesday night made a second attempt to occupy Mute locality, in Palma district, but were driven back. The Mozambican forces killed at least four of the attackers and seized six firearms.

The first terrorist attempt to take Mute occurred on 8 December. Mute is about 25 kilometres from the Afungi Peninsula, where the French oil and gas company Total is building natural gas liquefaction plants. The government believes that the attacks against Mute are part of a terrorist drive to shut down the investments in Afungi.

In the neighbouring district of Mocimboa da Praia, the defence and security forces have driven the terrorists out of Awasse, killing 31 of them.

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