Cameroon: The Fisherman’s Diary Gets 9 Nominations at AMAA 2020

By Boris Esono Nwenfor

Fresh from being nominated in fifteen (15) categories at the Golden Movie Awards in Ghana, Cameroonian movie The Fisherman’s Diary has received nine (9) nominations at the 2020 African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) in Nigeria.

Kang Quintus who was nominated as best actor in the Golden Movie Awards has been nominated as Best Actor at the AMAA 2020. The Fisherman’s Diary has been nominated for Best Film, while Enah Johnscot has been nominated for Best Director.

Ndamo Damarise has been nominated for Best Supporting Actress, with Cosson Chinepoh getting nominated for Best Supporting Actor. Faith Fidel, one of the most promising actresses in the Cameroonian movie scene at the moment was nominated for Most Promising Actor.

“We have had 61 festival selections so far in 29 countries internationally. Recently, we became the first film to win 6 awards at the Festiva Ecrans Noirs in Yaounde. It is a sign to say we have a product that does not only cut across Cameroonians but cuts across the national boundaries,” Kang Quintus told Pan African Visions shortly after the nominations at the Golden Movie Awards.

“We have made waves in 29 countries and 6 nominations in a festival like that with other great films in Africa and we dominating the entire festival is an honour for not just me but the entire country Cameroon. It tells us that the Cameroonian cinema is there and we are ready to compete with any other country and not just in Africa but the world at large.” “… It was a lot of time and talent that went into the project and this is just a reflection of hard work that went into the film.”

Full nominations

Best actor – Kang Quintus

Best Film – Fisherman’s Diary

Best Director – Enah Johnscot

Best Cinematographer – Rene Etta

Best Screenplay – Enah Johnscot and Buh Melvin “BABA PROX”

Best Supporting Actress – Ndamo Damarise

Best Supporting Actor – Cosson Chinepoh

Most Promising Actor – Faith Fidel

Best Sound Track – Ewube

What is The Fisherman’s Diary all about?

The movie directed by Enah Johnscott and produced by Kang Quintus is a storey of a 12-year-old Ekah (Faith Fidel) who got inspired by Malala Yousalzai, the youngest noble prize winner.

She is determined to go to school in a village of fishermen where it is considered as taboo. He drives to break this adage gets her embroiled with her father Solomon (Kang Quintus) experience with girl child education, critiqsite reported.

The film features other actors such as Ramses Nouah, Onyama Laura, Neba Godwill, Mayohchu and Daphne Njie.

The film has won best film in India and New York, picking up Best director, best film, best soundtrack and best production nominations at the prestigious PAMA in Paris, France.

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