Why every Ghanaian needs Health Insurance

The exorbitant price of health care delivery is the fundamental principle under which health insurance is built. This is just as Dr. Amooh of CEO of Acacia Health Insurance Company puts it in an interview with Ghana Talks Business, “Health care is expensive” irrespective of financial status.

For this reason, health insurance came into play. To relieve the burden of expensive health care. A good reason why every Ghanaian needs health insurance.

Dr. Amooh explained how health insurance works. He mentioned that contributions/fees paid by patients or individuals aren’t necessarily for the service rendered but to a larger extent,

“it actually goes to pay for those who keep the healthcare systems in charge, the structure of the healthcare system,” amongst others. Should the healthcare system become a “needs-based way of accessing the service, then a lot of us on earth will not be able to get access to healthcare.”

Dr Dan Amooh

He explained health insurance as

securing a state of physical wellness, psychological wellness, and social wellness as well as restoration to full health in periods of a health crisis.

Health insurance creates a premium “an amount that any individual who wants to access healthcare would have to pay”. This premium is low enough, such that the average person can afford. Once the premium is paid, it goes into a pool of funding available that others can also access who contribute to the insurance scheme, Dr. Amooh explained.

Your most valuable asset

Ghana’s National Health Insurance Scheme is deemed the biggest revolution in the healthcare system under the John Kufuor administration. The National Health Insurance System sought to eliminate the “cash and carry system” of healthcare delivery in the country of which it did.

NHIS thus became the fresh breeze that soothed many who faced difficulty in affording healthcare delivery in the country. Private health insurance providers such as Acacia Health Insurance Limited are presently sharing in the role of the NHIA, to provide essential health insurance to individuals and corporate institutions.

Dr. Amooh, in his interview, explained the most important reason why health insurance is your most valuable asset. Ill-health has the potential to create a huge financial burden in the absence of health insurance. High medical bills can take a toll on any individual and without the ability to pay for your medical bills, you are faced with the reality of the inevitability of your medical struggle.

Even for those who can afford to pay for their medical bills, Dr. Amooh rhetorically asked what about there comes a time when you cannot afford to pay for your medical bill?
Health insurance, therefore, protects you from facing such financial burden during that moment of medical crisis. Hence the reason why every Ghanaian needs health insurance.

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