ACBF, ACFTA Promise to Hit the Ground Running Come 2021

By Nevson Mpofu Munhumutapa

Professor Emmanuel Nnadozie African Continental Free Trade Area Secretary General
Professor Emmanuel Nnadozie African Continental Free Trade Area Secretary General

This is time for Africa to rise and shine despite the threat of covid-19. In revitalizing African Economies post this pandemic, the continent must have a focus on diversifying exports, accelerating growth, increase intra-Africa Trade, attract foreign direct investments and create jobs.

Professor Emmanuel Nnadozie African Continental Free Trade Area Secretary General puts it straight addressing delegates linked to the 7th Africa Capacity Building Foundation On-Line Conference which started on 18 November ending 19 November. The theme of the conference is – ‘’Implementing the AFCFTA Agreement—Assessing Country readiness and Implications for Capacity Building’’.

Professor Nnadozie adds that through value addition and building better for sustainable development Africa has the potential to withstand various challenges already encountered like covid-19.

‘’Let us put AFCFTA [African Continental Free Trade Area on Track. We hit the ground running by 2021. Therefore, it is vital now to diversify exports, accelerate growth, increase Intra-Africa Trade, attract foreign direct investment and finally create jobs ‘’.

‘’ It is vital therefore to accelerate implementation of bright policies for Africa’s economic growth and development at continental level. It is important as well for the African continent to deliver promises so as to keep hooked, trusted by our stakeholders globally in trade and commerce.

‘’This is the platform for African think-tankers and stakeholders to take chance of wide opportunities post covid-19 in 2021. We need therefore to address capacity challenges in light of covid-19’’, he sets the discussion in continuation.

Giving an added voice Professor Benedict Okey Oramah President and Chairperson of the Board of Directors at Afrexim-Bank was represented by Hoppolyte Fofack- Chief Economist and Director, Research and International Co-Operation Deparmentt at Afrexim-Bank said AFCFTA has full potential to boost African Trade for better Economies in the future.

‘’Africa has the potential despite challenges that we have faced. Let us fight climate shocks, address tightening current challenges like covid-19 and those in the future likely to drag us back-wards.’’ In precise he puts his quote.

Professor Kevin Chika Urama Senior Director at the African Development Institute of African Development Bank pointed out on policy development and implementation meant to foster economic growth, building better on covid-19 and climate shocks.

‘’This is a clarion for Africa to work out on policy development and implementation so as to build better Africa post-0covid-19. This conference comes at a time we are moving towards a breakthrough 2021 through hard work’’, he straightened his point.

African States were recommended to make AFCFTA a reality through exploration of critical determinants of country readiness in implementation of it at continental and country level. It is also on the move to build more capacity of frontline state actors and institutions to drive AFCFTA implementation.

ACBF is the specified Agency if AFCFTA .. ACBF has its head-quarters in Accra Ghana while AFCFTA Head-Offices are in Harare , Zimbabwe .

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